UTM PDF Travel/Conference Grants

Program Purpose:

UTM PDF Travel/Conference Grants are intended to encourage presentation of research at future academic conferences. (These are not intended for reimbursement of current or past conference.) Travel/Conference Grants of up to $500 per person, per year, will be provided only to support postdoc fellows to attend and present research at a regional, national, or international conference, or at an equivalent academic event. Other purposes, such as off-site research, data collection or collaboration are ineligible for this program.

Expense eligibility will be in accordance with the policies of the University of Toronto and the appropriate Tri-Council Agency. When costs of travel or conference fees exceed those provided by this program, additional funds are expected from the faculty supervisor and/or a UTM department.

Applications should be received at least two weeks before a conference takes place.

** This is not intended for reimbursement of current or past conference. **

Eligibility Guidelines:

To be eligible, a postdoctoral fellow must be supervised by a full time faculty member appointed in a UTM academic department, and the fellow must be affiliated with UTM. Successful UTM postdoctoral fellows will be eligible to reapply for the grant 12 months following the date of funds transfer. Applicants may only apply for one UTM PDF Travel/Conference within a single 12-month cycle.

Adjudication Process & Evaluation Criteria:

Staff in the Office of the Vice-Principal Research (OVPR) will confirm the applicants’ eligibility and verify the appropriateness of the request. OVPR staff may solicit follow-up clarification with applicants. All eligible requests will be funded.

The UTM Postdoctoral Fellow Travel/Conference Grants Application:

A complete application should be submitted via online form. There is no deadline. Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Applications without CC and CFC numbers will not be reviewed.

** In order to receive an automatic acknowledge email of your online submission, please check the checkbox "Send me an email receipt of my responses", on top of the submit button. **

The maximum 1-page description of the proposed conference must include: 

  • The name, location (could be virtual), and dates of the event;
  • The title of the postdoctoral fellow’s paper, poster, or talk to be delivered;
  • A description of the relevance of the conference/meeting to the PDF’s academic program;
  • Itemized budget.

Post-Award Details:

The value of the award, up to $500, will be transferred to the UTM Supervisor’s commitment fund centre (CFC).


If you have any questions, please send an email to funding.ovprutm@utoronto.ca.