A New Year brings new funds

22 Jan 2018 - 7:00am
Photo of Professor Vincent Kuuire

Professor Vincent Kuuire from the Department of Geography is one of 11 emerging scholars at UTM who has received funding from the Research and Scholarly Activity Fund (RSAF) from the Office of the Vice-Principal, Research (OVPR), to support his project, “Understanding the occurrence of infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases in rapidly evolving urban environments.”

Lights, Camera, Oration!

14 Dec 2017 - 4:30pm
Photo of Bryan Stewart and Research Prize recipients, Professors Emily Impett, Andrew Sepielli, and Josh Milstein

There was a decidedly flashy and festive feeling in the air, complete with a paparazzo, as faculty, students and staff from a broad range of U of T Mississauga departments converged for the first Annual Research Prize Symposium.

Over $1.4 million in federal funding for UTM researchers

21 Nov 2017 - 4:33pm
Professor Jessamyn Schertz

Regardless if it is ‘tomato’ or ‘tomahto,’ pronunciations are of particular interest for Professor Jessamyn Schertz (pictured) from UofT Mississauga’s Department of Language Studies.

Facebook Flow

24 Oct 2017 - 7:55am
Professor Tero Karppi

While most regard social media platforms like Facebook as a way to connect with others, Professor Tero Karppi from UTM’s Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology, is mostly interested in examining the disconnection in relation to social media users.

Nobel Prize-Winning Connection

10 Oct 2017 - 5:08pm
Professor Joel Levine

Current U of T Mississauga Biology Chair Professor Joel Levine had an unanticipated setback early in his academic career when he suffered an allergic reaction to the rats he was working with in the lab. However that discovery set him on a new course of study of Drosophila melanogaster, or the fruit fly, which ultimately led to doing a postdoc at Brandeis University under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey C. Hall, who was recognized earlier this month with a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with colleagues Drs.