Online Resources

In addition to appointments, online workshops and our Live Chat, the UTM Career Centre also has great online resources to assist you with anything career, job or further education-related. Check out some of these below.

Career and Co-curricular Learning Network (CLNx) Resources

Login to CLNx, click on RESOURCES on the left blue menu and check out these resources:


Big Interview - this system combines training and practice! It allows you to do mock interviews online, for all experience levels and dozens of industries. It provides guidance on how to answer thousands of interview questions, plus it has comprehensive video training covering all aspects of landing a job.

Career Cruising - this Canadian website profiles over 400 occupations, providing great information on many aspects of career areas.  U of T offers students access to the full Career Cruising website.

Career Decision Profile - The Career Decision Profile (CDP) is an assessment tool that gives you a career snapshot. It helps you assess:

  • how decided you are about careers
  • what career decisions you've already made
  • what you would like to work on more
  • helps you identify any challenges or barriers you may be experiencing and how comfortable you are with your decision-making style

Career Resource EBook Guide - find books on grad school, interviews, making connections, resumes, work-life balance and much more

Ten Thousand Coffees UofT Hub - Introducing the U of T hub on Ten Thousand Coffees - the digital tool that links U of T students (or recent grads) with alumni over coffee, by phone or online.  U of T alumni have a lot in common and much to share!

The hub is designed to help foster career exploration connections within the U of T community. Whether you're using it to build your network, learn from someone else's experience, or offer experiences of your own, there's a role for everyone!

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Organizational Profiles - CLNx also allows you to do research on organizations that have posted jobs for U of T students in the past by looking at Organizational Profiles. Please see the two documents below that outline how to use these profiles:


Website Resources

Check out all the sections of our website for lots of good information and links.  Here are some highlights:

RESUME AND COVER LETTER TOOLKIT - The online toolkit will help you improve your resume and cover letter to increase your chances of getting an interview.

CAREER EXPLORATION 101 – This 10-minute online module helps you think about how to begin exploring career areas. After finishing this, go to Quercus to take our online workshop, Career Exploration Part 2.

INDUSTRY REPORTS – Learn more about various industries through our industry reports;  we have more coming soon!

CAREERS BY MAJOR – Learn about the various areas you can pursue with your degree, along with the skills you are learning in your program.

PROGRAM PLANS – Take some time to plan out all aspects of your time at UTM with the program-specific plans.

PERSONAL STATEMENT ONLINE MODULE - Applying to graduate school? Need help preparing your personal statement and don’t know where to start? The Career Centre can help. First, attend our Mastering the Personal Statement Workshop or use our Personal Statement e-module.

TIPSHEETS - The Career Centre has over 30 tipsheets ranging from work search and career planning, to further education. 

DROP-IN RESOURCES – check out our videos!



Talk live with our trained student staff on our website Live Chat Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-4 p.m. You can also leave a message and we’ll get back to you.