UTEA Past Winners


2020 Competition:

Award Student Name Department Project
UTEA-NSE Sami Chouihna Biology The Role of Insulin-Like peptides in feeding in Rhodnius Prolixus
UTEA-NSE Esther Grace Kaye CPS Developing a Red-Shifted Carboxylesterase 2 Photosensitizer for Cancer-Targeted Photodynamic Therapy 
UTEA-NSE James Hogan MCS Non-Standard Analysis Applied to Probability and Statistics
UTEA-NSE Nicole Sell Psychology Children's Attention and Emotions: A Mechanistic Approach
UTEA-SSH Stephen D'Addario Economics Student Mental Health Interventions at the University of Toronto
UTEA-SSH Jayati Khattar Geography Cross-Border Connections and Psychosocial Health Among Eritrean Immigrants in Toronto
UTEA-SSH Grace Wang Psychology The Impact of Emotion Regulation on Partner Change
UTEA-SSH Raquelle Kupferschmidt Biology and Psychology Sociolinguistic Factors in the Development of the Infant Lexicon
UTEA-SSH Fatima Azahraa Al Saadie Sociology Student Protests and University Responses in the United States and Canada, 2012-2018
UTEA-SSH Jennifer Liu Visual Studies Bernini's Bronzes: Art History, Conservation and Material Science


2019 Competition:

Award Student Name Department Project
UTEA-NSE Adam Snyder Biology Vertebrate Fauna of Early Permian Cargill Locality, Oklahoma
UTEA-NSE Jovana Miladinovic CPS Uncovering the Mechanisms of Transcriptional Regulation by Lsr2
UTEA-NSE Javis Kennedy MCS Variations on Sard's Theorem
UTEA-NSE Ruofang Wang Psychology Integrative Mechanisms Underlying Effective Language Processing
UTEA-SSH Krista May Duncan Economics Air Pollution in Otario: Measurement, Health Effects, and Policy
UTEA-SSH Jayati Khattar Geography Understanding Barriers to Immigrant Access to Mental Health Care Services in Canada
UTEA-SSH Gloria Lim Geography Work-Life Interfaces: Implications for Well-Being in Higher Education and Among Working Adults
UTEA-SSH Shuyue (Julie) Qiao Geography Financing Sustainable Transportation and Housing in China
UTEA-SSH Minal Waqar Geography Understanding the Connections Between Origin Country Ties and Psychosocial Well-Being Among Immigrants in Canada
UTEA-SSH Anna Lyashenko Language Studies Shifting Perception: How Listeners Adapt to a Multi-Accented World
UTEA-SSH Haley James Psychology Is It Possible to Limit Children's Negative Appraisals of Gender Norm Violations Among Hypothetical Peers?
UTEA-SSH Arshnoor Khaira Psychology & Biology The Emergence of Word Comprehension in 6-Month-Olds
UTEA-SSH Victoria Pringle Psychology Maximizing Partner Change through Responsive Gratitude Expressions
UTEA-SSH Mohamed Afify Sociology RISE (Refugee Integration, Stres, and Equity) Team
UTEA-SSH William Hunt Music Rhythm, Repetition, and the Resonance and Fade out of the Line
UTEA-SSH Claire Elizabeth Smith Visual Studies Bernini's Forge: The AGO Crucifix and Bronze Casting