Samuel Ronfard (Psychology)

Professor Samuel Ronfard and his sonThough kids might be sidelined from school for the time being, assistant professor Samuel Ronfard says we can still be educating them oncurrently relevant concepts like germs, global pandemics, and physical distancing, in honest and clear terms.

“One thing that research has shown is that young kids – even at 4 and 5 years old – can really understand more than we give them credit for and they can put things together in ways we didn’t think they were able to,” says Ronfard.

“If you explain to them why people get sick and how that relates to the things that we have to do, for example social distancing, washing hands, and things like that, that will make a big difference.”

Ronfard joined UTM’s Department of Psychology in 2019 and he is the Director of The Childhood Learning and Development Lab.

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