RSAF Results

Please find below the U of T Mississauga research projects that have been funded through the Office of the Vice Principal, Research, Research and Scholarly Activity Fund's past competitions.

January 2020
January 2019
January 2018
December 2016
January 2016
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October 2014
February 2014


January 2020 (November 2019 Competition)

Name Department Project
Jack Sidnell Anthropology Reference to Self and Other in Vietnamese: A Comparison of Interaction in Two Urban Settings

Katharina Braeutigam

Biology Molecular Mechanisms of Plant Sex Determination
Teddy Erclik Biology Selective Spatial Patterning of Neural Stem Cells in the Fruit Fly Brain
Peter M. Kotanen Biology Understanding the Emerging Risk of Plant Invasions in Tundra Ecosystems
Bailey McMeans Biology A Predictive Framework for Abiotic and Biotic Controls on Lake Fish Production
Alexandra Gillespie English & Drama Machine Learning for Historical Script Recognition”
Matthew Adams Geography Urban Exposure to Carcinogenic Benzene
Ron Buliung Geography Inclusive Play and Childhood Disability
Vincent Kuuire Geography Improving Water Access for the Urban Poor: Examining Public Perceptions and Priorities for Safe Water in Ghana
Jue Wang Geography An Exploratory Study of Individual Air Pollution Exposure Monitoring and Analysis
Negin Dahya ICCIT Portraits of Educational Change: Refugee Education, Gender & Technology
Derek Denis Language Studies Multicultural Toronto English: Sources and Discourses
Marie-Paule Lory Language Studies Understanding French Teachers’ Social Representations of Linguistic and Cultural Diversity
Dehan Kong MCS Novel Statistical Methods for Alzheimer’s Disease Studies
Noel Anderson Political Science Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish? An Assessment of Security Force Assistance Program Effectiveness
Martha Balaguera Cuervo Political Science Abolition, Legal Accompaniment and the Caravanization of Asylum at the US-Mexico Border
Emily C. Nacol Political Science Writing about Plague: Contagion and Imagination in the History of Political Thought
Alexander Reisenbichler Political Science From Heroes to Villain: The New Politics of Central Banking Since the Great Recession
Alison Smith Political Science Governing Homelessness in Canada: Unpacking the Layers and Players in a Complex Policy Field
Elizabeth K. Johnson Psychology Speech Processing in Typically-Developing Children Versus Late Talkers
Iva Zovkic Psychology Gene-Specific Regulation of Nicotine Reward by the Histone Variant H2A.Z


January 2019 (November 2018 Competition)

Name Department Project
Sarah Hillewaert Anthropology Yoga and Wellness as Development in Eastern Africa
Baohua Liu Biology The Circuit Mechanisms Underlying the Cortical Control of Innate Reflexes
Steven Short Biology The Complex Interactions of a Host-Virus Consortium
Bryan Stewart Biology Analysis of Human Muscle Physiology in a 3D Culture System
Ulrich Fekl CPS Sustainable, CO2‐neutral Fertilizer with the Help of Sunlight
Jumi Shin CPS Our Two-Pronged Combination of Rational Design & Directed Evolution toward Asthma Drug Discovery
Laura Brown Geography Modelling Changing Ice Covers in the Canadian High Arctic
Laurel Besco Geography and IMI Innovative Law and Policy Approaches to Mitigating GHG Emissions from Air and Maritime Transport
Elspeth Brown Historical Studies LGBTQ2+ Oral History: Digital Futures and Community Engagement in the Peel Region
Boris Chrubasik Historical Studies Social and Cultural History of Elites in the Seleukid Empire
Karen Ruffle Historical Studies Materialities of Religious Devotion & the Formation of Civic Cultures in Pakistan in the Everyday
Alessandro Delfanti ICCIT Amazon Robots and the Future of Work
Jessamyn Schertz Language Studies Factors Influencing Perceptual Adaptation of Sound Categories: The Effect of Listener Experience
Erika Carlson Psychology Who Has Self-knowledge and How Do They Get It?
Melissa Holmes Psychology Epigenetic Contributions to Social Control of Pubertal Timing
Emily Impett Psychology Thanks for Trying! Maximizing Partner Change and Promoting Satisfaction Through Responsive Gratitude Expressions
Loren Martin Psychology The Modulation of Pain by Social Interactions

January 2018 (November 2017 Competition)

Name Department Project
Esteban J. Parra Anthropology Healthy Land, Healthy People: An Ecosystem Approach to
First Nation Health Using Metagenomics
David Samson Anthropology

What is human sleep? A Global, Comparative Investigation of
Sleep in Traditional Societies

Ingo Ensminger Biology Sequencing and Characterization of a Novel 16-kD Dehydrin
Protein to Understand Its Role in low Temperature Acclimation
and the Development of Cold Hardiness in Plants
Ho Sung Rhee Biology Roles of the BAF Chromatin Remodelling Complex in
Maintenance of Motor Neuron Identity
Voula Kanelis CPS Designing Drugs to Treat ATP-Sensitive Potassium (KATP) Channel Mutations That Cause Cardiac Disease
Marc Laflamme CPS Investigating the Evolution of Complex Reef Ecosystems
from Labrador, Canada
Lindsay Schoenbohm CPS Are Remnants of the Tibetan Plateau Preserved in the Southern Himalayan Thrust Belt?
Sebastian Dyrda Economics Taxes, Regulations of Businesses and Evolution of
Income Inequality in the US
Liza Blake English & Drama Choose Your Own Poems and Fancies
Alexandra Gillespie English & Drama Global Networks for Premodern Writing Technologies
Terry Robinson English & Drama A History of Nobody: Being and Non-Being in Literature and
Art from the Early Modern Era to the Present
Matthew Adams Geography Air Pollution in Full Day Kindergarten Outdoor Play Areas
Yuhong He Geography Developing a Precision Farming Monitoring System with Multi-Source Remote Sensing and Mobile Apps
Nicole Charles Historical Studies Suspicion: Vaccines, Biotechnologies and the Affective
Politics of Protection in Barbados
Vincent Kuuire Geography Understanding the Occurrence of Infectious Diseases and Noncommunicable
Diseases in Rapidly Evolving Urban Environments
Kathi Wilson Geography An Exploratory Study of the Health Impacts of Changing
Settlement Patterns of Immigrants in Peel Region, ON
Sara Hughes Political Science Accumulating Injustice: Tracing the multiple causes of the Flint
Water Crisis
Shivaji Mukherjee Political Science Why are the Longest Insurgencies Low Violence? State
Motivations and Counter Insurgency Variation
Doug VanderLaan Psychology Cultural Influences on How Children Think About Cross-Gender Behaviour: A Preliminary Investigation in Thailand
Sida Liu Sociology Ecologies of Globalization: China’s Shadow on the Legal
Professions in Hong Kong and Taiwan


December 2016 (November 2016 Competition) 

Name Department Project
Tracy Rogers Anthropology

Skeletal Age at Death Estimation




Water, Politics, and the Democratic Imagination in Europe

Adriano Senatore


Systems Level Analysis of Ligand-GPCR Signaling in the Simple Animal Trichoplax adhaerens

Michael A. Phillips


New Plant Essential Oil Genes and Their Use in Food Safety

Sasa Stefanovic


Hybridization and Polyploidy in Cuscuta (Dodders, Convolvulaceae)

Peter Kotanen


The Impact of an Invasive Plant on Soil Microbiome Composition

Kent Moore


Atmospheric Forcing of Ocean Convection

Joshua Milstein


The Microbial Gene Swap: Studying Gene Transfer to Gain Insight into the Initiation and Spread of Infection

Ulrich Fekl


Molecular Rotors for Device Applications

Ronald Wolthoff


Information Disclosure, Statistical Discrimination and Labor Market Outcomes

Holger Schott Syme

English & Drama

Shakespeare in Berlin, 1918-2018

Carrie Fulton

Historical Studies

Underwater Survey of the Ancient Anchorage of Maroni-Tsaroukkas, Cyprus

Alessandro Delfanti


Worker Mobilization in the Sharing Economy

Alex Hanna


Automating the Generation of Protest Event Data

Victoria McArthur


Project PARSEC (Pedagogical Applications for the Recruitment of Scientists, Engineers, and Cosmonauts)

Erin Tolley

Political Science

The Canadian Municipal Election Study

Jennifer Stellar


Identifying the Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Experiencing Awe

Keisuke Fukuda


EEG-Based Memory Monitoring and Intervention for Older Adults

Erika Carlson


Measuring Self-Knowledge

Kajri Jain

Visual Studies

Inorganic Nature and Public Space in Post-Liberalization India


January 2016




Teddy Erclik


Spatial and Temporal Patterning of Neural Stem Cells in the Fruit Fly Brain

Helene Wagner


Landscape Genomics of Onset of Flowering in a Spring Wildflower

Marc Laflamme

Chemical & Physical Sciences

The Dawn of Animal Life from Central Iran

Sebastian Dyrda


Household Formation and Labour Market Outcomes: Europe vs. USA

Michel Serafinelli


Mobility of Inventors and Innovation

Julie MacArthur

Historical Studies

Mapping Decolonization: Sovereignty, Territory, and Belonging in Eastern Africa, 1950-76

J. Barton Scott

Historical Studies

Oceanic Associations: Liberalism and Hindu Reform Across the British Empire

Cosmin Munteanu


Increasing Older Adults' Online Safety: Understanding and Removing Barriers to Technology Adoption

Laurel Besco


Engendering the Production of Corporate Environmental Norms: Energy Efficiency Targets in Ontario

Laura Brown


Lake Ice in the Canadian High Arctic

Tenley Conway


Exploring Ecological and Socially Relevant Diversity in the Urban Forest

Doug VanderLaan


Parent-Reported Mental Health Risk Among Gender-Nonconforming Children and Adolescents: An Examination of a Nonclinical, Community-Based Sample

Andrew Miles


Doing Good, Feeling Good: Moral Identity, Emotion, and Psychological Well Being

Weiguo Zhang


Migration, Aging and Well Being: Chinese Seniors in Canada


February 2015

Name Department Project Title
Dan Schulze Chemical & Physical Sciences Constraints on the Origin of the Colorado Plateau
Liza Blake English & Drama Arthur Golding's A Morall Fabletalke and Other Renaissance Moral Fables
Alexandra Gillespie English & Drama Collating Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
Ron Buliung Geography Understanding Geographies of Childhood Dis/ability
Tim Duval Geography Land-use Effects on River Water Quality During Storms
Trevor Porter Geography The Last 18 Million Years of Climate Change in Continental Yukon and Alaska Reconstructed from Water Isotope Proxies
Nicole Cohen ICCIT Journalistic Labour in the Digital Newsroom
Mihaela Pirvulescu Language Studies Trilingual Language Development and Maintenance in the French-immersion System
Sara Hughes Political Science The Politics of Sustainable Cities: Case Studies of Institutional Change
Emily Impett Psychology

Not in the Mood? Development and Validation of the Sexual-Rejection Scale

Loren Martin Psychology The Role of Social Stress on the Initiation of Chronic Pain
Hae Yeon Choo Sociology Speculative Home-Making: Women's Labour, Class Mobility, and Real-Estate Investment in South Korea
Brian Price Visual Studies The Elusive Image


October 2014



Project Title

Esteban Parra


Healthy Land, Healthy People: An Ecosystem Approach to First Nation Health Using Metagenomics

David Smith


The Social History of Precontact Huron-Wendat Communities in South-Central Ontario

Ingo Ensminger


Screening Tools for Assessing Adaptation of Conifers to Future Climate

Shannon McCauley


Food Web Assembly in Experimental Ponds

Steven Short


Genomic and Metagenomic Analysis of Freshwater Viruses

Ulrich Fekl

Chemical & Physical Sciences

Forming Carbon-Carbon Bonds through Palladium (IV) Intermediates

Jochen Halfar

Chemical & Physical Sciences

Calibrating Artic Coralline Algae to Sea Ice Cover

Jumi Shin

Chemical & Physical Sciences

Yeast as a Model System to Understand the Effects of Nanoparticles in the Environment

Igor Lehnherr


Climate Change Impacts on Methylmercury Production in Arctic Ecosystems

Nicola Lacetera


Do Beliefs About Repugnant Transactions Respond to Empirical Evidence? An Experimental Analysis

Andrea Olive

Political Science

Landowner Attitudes Toward Species at Risk in Ontario

Judith Andersen


Understanding the Psychological and Biological Impact of Compassion Fatigue and Compassion Satisfaction Among Police Officers

Erika Carlson


Self-knowledge or Self-deception: Is Knowing How Others Perceive us Adaptive?

Norman Farb


The Body’s Role in Training Healthy Emotions

Tina Malti


Effects of Social Exclusion on Children’s Developmental and Behavioural Adaptation

Iva Zovkic


Memory Enhancing Effects of H2A.Z: Therapeutic Implications for Age-related


February 2014

Name Department Project Title
Francis Cody Anthropology Mediating the People: Newspapers and Mass Politics in South India
Gary Crawford Anthropology Understanding Agricultural Origins in the Lower Yangzi Valley
Jeannine DeLombard English & Drama Homes Protected by Law: Race & Real Estate in 19th-Century American Literature
Patrick Gunning Chemical & Physical Sciences Pioneering Inhibition of UBA5 Enzymes for Use in Cancer Combination Therapy
Yuhong He Geography Mapping Trees Infested by Emerald Ash Borer Using High Spatial Resolution Remote
Sensing Data
Marc Johnson Biology Feedbacks Between Plants and their Soil Microbiome: An Experimental Next-Generation
Sequencing Approach
Angela Lange Biology Ureases and Derived Peptides: Understanding the Neurotoxic Mechanism of Action in
Joshua Milstein Chemical & Physical Sciences Super-Resolution Imaging of Transcription Factories within Embryonic Stem Cells
Andrea Muehlebach Anthropology Water, Politics, and the Democratic Imagination in Europe