InnerCircle: Closeup with UTM Researchers (video)

InnerCircle video still

View some of the UofT Mississauga researchers who are making significant contributions to the research landscape in Canada and around the world and in a broad range of fields: the work that they do is showcased in these short videos, as well as how they see research in their particular fields evolving over time. 

  • Arts, Culture & Technology features Professors Alexandra Gillespie (English & Drama) Rhonda McEwen (Institute of Communication, Culture, Information & Technology), and Florian Shkurti (Mathematics & Computational Sciences). UTM researchers design, create, and study new technologies. They explore how technology and society interact, so that the next generation develops and uses technology in an informed and ethical way. Through a range of approaches—including literature, art and drama—they interrogate, critique and transform the way people think about our evolving world.
  • Body & Health features Professors Emily Impett (Psychology), Ulrich Krull (Chemical & Physical Sciences), and Mohan Matthen (Philosophy). Published March 2018.
  • Science & Technology features Professors Liza Blake (English & Drama), Patrick Gunning (Chemical & Physical Sciences), and Nicola Lacetera (Management). Published June 2018.
  • Planet Earth features Professors Kevin Coleman (Historical Studies), Andrea Muehlebach (Anthropology), and Lindsay Schoenbohm (Chemical & Physical Sciences). Published February 2019. 

Videos shot and edited by Leslie Seto, Setography.