Image of Professor Mohan Matthen at TEDx talk

Making sense of the way we sense

Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 12:59pm
Carla DeMarco
Philosophy professor at UofT Mississauga and Canada Research Chair in the Philosophy of Perception teases out a discussion on how our eyes and fingers sync up in sensory perception.

Professor Mohan Matthen in the Department of Philosophy at UTM participated in a TEDx talk in May 2019. In it he discusses how our vision and sense of touch intersect in our sensory perception. He also surveys the history of questions related to these sensorial experiences in philosophy and science.

See the full TEDx talk.

Matthen's work integrates scientific and philosophical perspectives on the senses to better understand how the senses serve as the basis of all knowledge.

To hear more about Matthen's work where he discusses everything from the 'colour of the dress,' to the "wow factor" in the movies, listen to his interview with UTM Research on the VIEW to the U podcast