Postdoctoral Fellow Travel Grants

Program Purpose:

UTM Postdoctoral Fellow Travel Grants are intended to encourage presentation of research at academic conferences. Travel Grants of up to $500 per person, per year, will be provided only to support travel to attend and present research at a regional, national, or international conference, or at an equivalent academic event. Travel for other purposes, such as off-site research, data collection or collaboration are ineligible for this program.

Expense eligibility will be in accordance with the policies of the University of Toronto and the appropriate Tri-Council Agency. When costs of travel exceed those provided by this program, additional funds are expected from the faculty supervisor and/or a UTM department.

Eligibility Guidelines:

To be eligible, a Postdoctoral Fellow must be supervised by a tenured or tenure-track faculty member appointed in a UTM academic department, and the Fellow must be affiliated with UTM. UTM Postdoctoral Fellows may only receive this grant once per academic year.

Adjudication Process & Evaluation Criteria:

Staff in the Office of the Vice-Principal Research (OVPR) will confirm the applicants’ eligibility and verify the appropriateness of the request. OVPR staff may solicit follow-up clarification with applicants. All eligible requests will be funded.

The UTM Postdoctoral Fellow Travel Grants Application:

A complete application should be submitted, by e-mail, to Rong Wu ( There is no deadline. Applications will be reviewed as they are received.

The maximum 2-page application package must include:

  • Cover sheet (1 page)
  • A one-page description of the proposed conference travel, including:
    • The name, location, and dates of the event;
    • The title of the Postdoctoral Fellow’s paper, poster, or talk to be delivered; and
    • A description of the relevance of the conference/meeting to the PDF’s academic program

Post-Award Details:

The value of the award, up to $500, will be transferred to the UTM Supervisor’s commitment fund centre (CFC).