UTM / Jackman Humanities Institute Annual Seminar

Program Purpose:

A year-long undertaking jointly sponsored by UTM and the Jackman Humanities Institute, the aim of the Annual Seminar is to create an intellectual community that vigorously addresses a topic of broad appeal, which lends itself to wider community engagement.

Eligibility Guidelines:

To be eligible for these funds, applicants must be full-time UTM faculty members. 

Successful applicants will be eligible to reapply for funding 24 months following the competition deadline in which they were successful.


The seminar will be convened by a UTM faculty member in the humanities or social sciences but can include participants from any academic discipline. Contributors will include senior UTM undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and other key academic figures from the University of Toronto and beyond. The seminar may be interdisciplinary in nature, to fully explore the chosen theme or problem, but it need not be.

The seminar will organize public events surrounding its activity, which may include readings, symposia, debates, exhibitions, or screenings linked to the theme. The Seminar will also organize and host an annual Distinguished Lecture related to the theme. The UTM campus will be the host site of the Seminar activity, including the Distinguished Lecture, but some events may be held at other locations if appropriate.

One Annual Seminar will be sponsored each academic year. An itemized budget proposal, up to $15,000, must accompany the application. Applications will be reviewed by a panel of arms-length colleagues and the Director (or delegate) of the Jackman Humanities Institute (JHI). Participation in a UTM-JHI joint program does not preclude UTM faculty from participating in other JHI programs.

Post-Award Details:

Final Report: Recipients must submit a 4-5 page final report describing what was accomplished, and how the funds were expended, to the OVPR no later than one year following a successful application. Failure to submit a final report could result in funds being withheld in a subsequent internal competition for which you are applying.

Acknowledgment: The UTM affiliation of researchers and support from the OVPR and the Jackman Humanities Institute should be acknowledged in any research outputs arising from this award.

Unspent Funds: Unspent funds cannot be carried over into the next academic year and must be returned to UTM/JHI.

How to Apply:

A complete application package includes the following material:

** Due to circumstances caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, proposals should include detailed descriptions of how the proposed seminar's events will be delivered through methods that do not require in-person interaction.**

  1. Completed Cover Sheet
  2. Proposal: 4 pages maximum (single space, 12pt New Times Roman), in clear 
non-specialist language, under these headings:

    · Description of Research and Scholarly Activity to be undertaken by the seminar, including aims and outcomes of the seminar with special attention to the public events planned for the seminar
 Organization and leadership for the seminar
    · Timetable of events and activities for the year
  3. List of Participants in the planning group and their affiliations, which can include anticipated participants (1 additional page maximum for the participant table) with the following columns:
    ·  Name
    ·  Affiliation
    ·  Faculty/Postdoc/Grad Student/Undergraduate
  4. Itemized budget and justification (additional 1 page maximum)

Please submit proposals in one SINGLE PDF to Rong Wu (rong.wu@utoronto.ca) by Friday, May 13, 2022.

Notifications of award will be made in June and the funding period will be from July 1-June 30. 

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