The Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) is the federal agency that supports university-based research and training in the social sciences and humanities. SSHRC funding opportunities for faculty are available through two programs: Insight and Connection.

Insight Program (formerly the Standard Research Grant)

Goal: The goal of the Insight program is to build knowledge and understanding about people, societies and the world by supporting research excellence in all subject areas eligible for SSHRC funding.

The Insight Program offers several types of funding opportunities.

Individual applicants and collaborations:

Formal partnerships

Joint Initiatives

Insight Grants

Overview: Insight Grants are a fundamental funding SSHRC funding mechanism. They support long-term research initiatives led by either individuals or teams. Funding is available to both emerging and established researchers. Insight Grants are expected to respond to the objectives of the Insight program.

Value: Stream A: $7,000 to $100,000; Stream B: $100,001 to $400,000

Duration: 2-5 years

Nearest external deadline: October 1, 2021

Insight Development Grants

Overview: Insight Development Grants support research in its initial stages. Applications should respond to the objectives of the Insight Program. Funding is available for

  • Emerging scholars who will develop new research questions and/or approaches. Such projects may build on and further the applicant’s (or team’s) graduate work and/or represent a continuation of their overall research trajectory.
  • Established scholars who will explore new research questions and/or approaches that are distinct from the applicant’s previous/ongoing research.

Value:   $7,000 to $75,000

Duration: 1-2 years

Nearest deadlines: Internal Deadline: Jan. 24, 2022;  Sponsor Deadline: Jan. 28, 2022 (8 p.m. eastern)

Usually researchers may not apply as applicant for an Insight Grant and an Insight Development Grant within the same calendar year.


Partnership Engage Grants

Overview: Partnership Engage Grants provide short-term and timely support for partnered research activities that will inform decision-making at a single partner organization from the public, private or not-for-profit sector. Partnerships supported by this grant are meant to respond to immediate needs and time constraints facing organizations in non-academic sectors. Partnership Engage Grants are expected to respond to the objectives of the Insight program and the Connection program. However, Partnership Engage Grants cannot respond exclusively to the objectives of the Connection program.

Value: $7,000 to $25,000

Duration: 1 year

Nearest external deadline: March 15, 2022

Partnership Development Grants

Overview: Partnership Development Grants provide support to teams/partnerships, led by a project director, to:

  • develop research and/or related activities in the social sciences and humanities—these can include knowledge mobilization and the meaningful involvement of students and emerging scholars, by fostering new partnerships with existing and/or potential partners; or
  • design and test new partnership approaches for research and/or related activities that can result in best practices or models—these can either be adapted by others or have the potential to be scaled up to a regional, national or international level.

Partnership Engage Grants are expected to respond to the objectives of the Insight program and the Connection program. However, Partnership Engage Grants cannot respond exclusively to the objectives of the Connection program.

Value: $75,000 to $200,000

Duration: 1 to 3 years

Nearest external deadline: November 15, 2021 (8 p.m. eastern)

Partnership Grants

Overview: Partnership Grants are intended for large teams of postsecondary institutions and/or organizations of various types that work in formal collaboration. They provide support for new and existing formal partnerships to advance research, research training and/or knowledge mobilization in the social sciences and humanities. This is done through mutual co-operation and sharing of intellectual leadership, as well as through resources as shown by cash and/or in-kind contributions. Partnership Grants are expected to respond to the objectives of the Insight and/or the Connection programs. Partnership Grant proposals exclusively for partnered research training initiatives, however, are expected to respond primarily to the objectives of the Talent program.

Value: Stage 1: up to $20,000; Stage 2 (by invitation only): up to $2.5 million

Duration: 4 to 7 years

Nearest deadlines: Internal Deadline: Feb. 4, 2022; Sponsor Deadline: Feb. 10, 2022 (8 p.m. eastern)


Joint Initiatives

Joint initiatives are coordinated by SSHRC in collaboration with not-for-profit, private and public organizations. Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, early career and established researchers can apply to Joint Initiatives to seek support for training, research and connection activities.

Learn more about Joint Initiatives.


Connection Program

Overview: Connection Grants support workshops, colloquiums, conferences, forums, summer institutes, or other events or outreach activities. 

Value: Events: $7,000 to $25,000; Outreach activities: $7,000 to $50,000; higher amounts can be considered if well justified

Duration: 1 year

Application Deadlines: Internal Deadline: July 25, 2022; Sponsor Deadline: August 1, 2022


General Application Process

  • Complete and submit your SSHRC application by following the instructions on SSHRC’s Research Community Portal
  • Complete your Canadian Common CV on the CCV website and upload a copy to your SSHRC application (Note: SSHRC CV format will not be accepted).  It is strongly recommended that you begin this process well in advance of the competition deadline to allow time to register and ensure that your co-applicants do the same.
  • Complete your MRA (My Research Application) form to obtain departmental/divisional approval.  These approvals should be completed prior to the internal deadline.


  • Departments may have earlier internal deadlines. Please contact your department for details of submission requirements.
  • The MRA approval process should be started well in advance of the internal deadline as it can take several business days to obtain the necessary approvals.
  • If you hold a Status Only or Emeritus appointment, you will need to ask to have an MRA account set up.

Please note: Submitting your online application means you are ready for Research Services to forward your proposal to SSHRC. Research Services will not review the content of your application but will verify your eligibility, and that of your co-applicants, to hold a research grant at UofT. Research Services will return applications only to those who do not meet the University’s criteria to hold a research grant.



NEW - As of 2021, SSHRC IDG resources are available for UTM applicants through the OVPR and the Collaborative Digital Research Space (CDRS).
Contact Elizabeth Parke in CDRS for details.