2021 Smarti Gras

Wednesday, August 18, 2021, at 1pm

Virtual Event via Gather Town

1-3pm: Poster viewing time (Presenters stand by their posters to talk about their posters and answer questions).
3-3:10pm: Poster Award Announcement
3:10-4pm: Social/fun time

Download Event Program Here

2021 Smarti Gras Poster

Established in 2016 by the UTM Office of the Vice-Principal, Research (OVPR), in collaboration with the Office of the Dean, Smarti Gras celebrates the research conducted by undergraduate students over the summer. Students from the Research Opportunity Program, recipients of the Undergraduate Student Research Awards and recipients of the University of Toronto Excellence Awards share their work in the humanities, the social sciences and the sciences through oral and poster presentations. 

This year, we are acknowledging and sharing their work online through poster sessions, no oral presentations for this year's Smarti Gras. 


  • Registration for poster presentation: Registration Closed.
    (Deadline: August 3, 2021.)

Note: One registration form per poster presentation. If there are co-presenters in your poster presentation, please fill out all the co-presenters in the single registration form. 

  • Registration for general participation: Registration Closed.
    (Deadline: August 13, 2021.)

Note: Registered participants will receive an email including event URL and password on August 16 or 17. Gather Town recommends using Google Chrome to launch the event page. 

Download Event Program Here

Prizes for Poster Competition

First Prize - $300

  • Winner: Jennifer Liu (Supervisor: Evonne Levy) 
    Title of Poster: A Growing Cast of Foundry Workers: Uncovering More of Bernini's Bronzes and His Workforce

Runner-up Prize - $100, in each of the three disciplines (Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences)

  • Humanities:
    Winners: Dellannia Segreti and Samantha Arpas (Supervisor: Teresa Lobalsamo)
    Title of Poster: The Effects of Ontario's Emergency Pandemic Response: Analyzing the Changes of Consumer Behaviour and Its Implications on Italian Eateries in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area
  • Social Sciences:
    Winner: Gresha Shah (Supervisor: Tina Malti)
    Title of Poster: Link between Parents' Other-Oriented Induction and Children's Sympathy
  • Sciences: 
    Winner: Shazray Syed (Supervisor: Voula Kanelis)
    Title of Poster: Effects of Mutations on ATP-Sensitive Ion Channels in the Heart

UTM Office of the Vice-Principal, Research is seeking consent from poster presenters in the registration form to print and display winning posters.

Poster submission

Deadline: August 10, 2021.

1. Posters must be in .png or .jpg image format in order to upload to Gather Town. PDF is NOT acceptable by the system. The maximum size of the poster is 3MB. The image must be at least 1000px for the width, and 600px for the height, with a minimum DPI of 72. 

2. Presenters must submit their posters to OVPR office (utmresearch@utoronto.ca) via UTSend (https://send.utoronto.ca/) by the deadline.   

Poster Evaluation Criteria

(Adapted from UTM Psychology Poster Presentation Award Criteria)

Overall, was the poster a well-designed aid to the poster talk (elevator talk)?
Example questions to consider:

  • Was the poster beyond a simple copy & paste of a paper?
  • Was the use of space effective in communicating the main point of the research?
  • Were the figures effective in communicating the key information (e.g., methods and results)?
  • Was the information on poster well integrated in the presentation?

Overall, was the poster talk (elevator talk) clear and accessible for those without much knowledge of the specific topic?
Example questions to consider:

  • Did the presenter logically lay out the argument for why the research is important?
  • Did the presenter clearly outline the methods, predictions, and results (if appropriate)?
  • Did the presenter offer future directions or implications of the work?
  • Did you understand the main take-away point by the end of the presentation?

Overall, did they answer questions effectively?
Example questions to consider:

  • Does the presenter appear to have a deep understanding of the hypotheses & methods?
  • Does the presenter appear to have a deep understanding of the results?
  • Does the presenter appear to have a deep understanding of the implications & limitations of the current research?
  • Does the presenter appear to have a deep understanding of the future directions?

Workshops for Poster Presenters

In order to help students learn how to create better posters, the following two workshops will be provided to student presenters:

Workshop #1: Demystifying the poster (open to all poster presenters, while examples/focus on humanities and social sciences).
Summary: Creating a poster can be a challenging task, it begins as a big white space and has to be organized so that it encourages the audience to come up and read the fine print. While creativity is valued, there are often certain top tips that can make your poster shine! This session is organized to address the top do’s and don’ts of poster creation. It is specifically designed with Humanities and Social Sciences students in mind, though all are welcome to attend.
Date: June 14, 2021, 10am-11am, via Zoom.

Workshop #2: Support your poster - How to do the elevator talk needed for poster sessions. (open to all poster presenters, with slightly more focus on sciences).
Summary: You have done the research and created the poster, but what do you say when someone comes to chat about your project? Having a plan on what to say to keep the interest of your audience, while still being concise can often be a challenge. Not everyone is going to have the same level of knowledge about a topic that you do, and you will need to adjust your explanation depending on the audience. This session is designed to help clarify what a successful poster presentation looks like (and sounds like) with a specific focus on Science students. Learn some key strategies for structuring your talk to be both appropriate and concise!
Date: July 26, 2021, 10am-11am, via Zoom.

Sponsored by:
Office of the Vice-Principal, Research (OVPR)
Office of the Dean

In collaboration with:
Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre (RGASC)


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