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Jeahlisa Bridgeman (She/Her), MSW, RSW

Personal Counsellor and Mental Health Worker
Health & Counselling Centre
  • Mailing Address:

    3359 Mississauga Road
    Mississauga ON L5L1C6

I am a Black, first generation Canadian with strong familial ties to the beautiful island of Grenada. 

Experience/Areas of Expertise

University can invoke a number of conflicting feelings: excitement and worry, hopefulness and helplessness, confidence and shame. This doesn’t include all of the other emotions that can arise from difficult transitions, unexpected life changes and frustrating structural inequities outside of school. As a registered Social Worker who holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from York University and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Toronto, I can truly empathize with the ups and downs of being a student and life in general.

For some folks, accessing mental health services and supports can be intimidating, especially when they are not sure what to expect. However, I am passionate about creating a validating, non-judgmental experience where you feel safe enough to show up as your authentic self. Many of the individuals I have worked with over the years have struggled with depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, stress, and burnout. If these are challenges that you can relate to, I can definitely offer a listening ear, guidance and space to explore wellness goals that meet your unique needs. 

I use an eclectic approach that incorporates elements from solution focused brief therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), trauma focused CBT, and behavioural activation. My clinical practice is grounded in equity, inclusion and belonging, anti-racism, and cultural sensitivity because I acknowledge that your intersecting identities and how you are perceived by others have a significant impact on how you navigate this world. I am a huge advocate of self-care and healthy boundaries and I regularly integrate this into my sessions. I strive to be compassionate, curious, collaborative, and humorous (yet respectful) in order to make your experience with counselling as welcoming as possible. 

Things I Love

Food is one of the keys to my heart! I love sharing a delicious meal and laughter with loved ones. I enjoy travelling, especially to warm sunny climates. Blasting music (afrobeats and soca particularly) and dancing brings me a lot of joy. Creating meaningful experiences with family is really important to me. Watching reality shows and listening to podcasts are fun pastimes. I have also recently started to develop a deeper appreciation for daily movement and exercise.