Work-Study Information for Faculty & Staff

General Information about the Work Study Program at the University of Toronto

Work Study is a program designed to give UofT students valuable work experience with good skill development.  Many valuable supplemental projects and services can be accomplished with Work Study students.  The University covers 70% of the payroll cost while the hiring department is responsible for the remaining 30%.  Students are paid at minimum wage, and departments can supplement this for their Work Study students.

There are two Work Study Program periods during the year:  students hired into the Summer Work Study Program work from May – August, and students hired into the Fall/Winter Work Study Program work from September – February.  Specific dates are included in the communication promoting each program period. 

All jobs are submitted for the Work Study Program by Faculty/Staff through the Career Learning Network (CLN).  All UofT Faculty/Staff have a CLN account and login with UTORID.  Departments must ensure they have funding to cover 30% of the cost and any supplement offered to students prior to submitting a job for approval.  Each job can have up to four vacancies, and once approval is given, the departments can hire the students and follow the instructions that will be received for the administration of the program.

The Summer Work Study job submission period is generally in February of each year, and the Fall/Winter job submission period is generally in June of  each year.  Specific dates will be listed for each period once they are determined.


For further specific information on the Work Study Program at UofT, login to CLN with your UTORID, click on Jobs, Work Study.

The Work Study program is a great way for students to gain experience right on campus. While students benefit from the hands-on opportunity to apply their skills in a professional setting, staff and faculty are able to increase their output and learn new techniques from students on the cutting edge of their field.

I had such a great experience through the work study program,” says Laura Philipps, who took a position at the George Ignatieff Theatre while pursuing her undergraduate degree. “It taught me basic workplace skills and improved my confidence by placing me in a leadership role. My boss assigned me tasks that added value to the organization and presented me with new challenges.”

The results of a Work Study survey revealed comments from students such as: “It was a great way to develop some of the skills I hope to use when I graduate. I highly recommend that other students take advantage of this opportunity.” Students consistently tell us that Work Study was a program in which they could grow and make decisions about how their studies relate to their career paths.

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For complete information and all required forms, please go to the Career Learning Network public page.