Resources for Students with Disabilities

Welcome! We Focus on Abilities

We are here to help you! The UTM Career Centre and its staff are experienced in serving a diverse student population including many students with disabilities. Main areas we help with are: career planning, gaining experience, job search and planning for further education.

Disability is very individualized in that each person’s experience and challenges with it are unique, despite for example, a common condition or diagnosis. A person’s disability impacts and is impacted by many other factors in their life and environment. The barriers presented to achieving important life goals can be minimal for some, manageable for others and for some, substantial. Disability can also present certain advantages such as greater compassion for others, strong mental focus, and unique ways of approaching problems. That being said, in many ways, students with disabilities are just like their peers with the same ambitions and challenges of getting a degree and emerging into adulthood. This is why these pages are meant as a guide and a resource to help you explore any concerns where disability and career intersect. You will find a complete range of resources meant for all students looking for their career direction, finding opportunities and experiences, as well as pursuing further education after their undergraduate degree on our main website and the CLN (via login with your Utorid).

Talking to a Career Counsellor or Employment Strategist in an appointment is an invaluable service which can help you navigate the path to your career step by step. Here is more on these in-person services:  and We will work with you to help you express your goals, needs and unique experience with disability and then support your progress through action steps to achieve your goals. We are here to help and we are also really nice!

The Career Centre is accessible!

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Large screen computer with Zoomtext and Dark Reader suitable for students with vision loss low vision 
  • AODA compliant web site
  • Our friendly and highly trained student staff will greet you when you visit in person and help you access resources and assistance you may need
  • Need accommodations to attend an event? Please let us know ahead of time and we will work with you to facilitate your participation
  • Accommodations for appointments with Career Counselors and Employment Advisors are provided such as Skype or phone appointments, adjusting light levels, standing or moving during and appointment. Let us know what works for you and we will do our best to make it happen
  • Career resources relevant to specific needs and questions of students with disabilities in these pages
  • Resources for anyone on the rest of our website, on the Career Learning Network  and in person at DV 3094
  • One-to-one appointments with Career Counselors and Employment Advisors to support you in all aspects of your career development

Questions?  Speak with someone directly about how the Career Centre can help you. Please visit us in person at DV3094 or call 905-828-5451 for assistance.  You may also reach us through email at: 

Our specialized resource for students with disabilities that complement our main web site and CLN resources are laid out in 3 sections:


Find Opportunities

Gaining experience outside of your studies is a great way to explore your options, discover your strengths and interests and build skills for your career. Complementary experience helps you leverage your studies into better positions on graduations and prepare you for success in the labour market. Find out about the many ways to get experience while supporting your academic success and wellness in the links below. You can also make an appointment to strategize how gaining experience can work for your specific needs and circumstances.

Programs and Resources by Disability

The Career Centre is here to support your career exploration and growth during your degree studies and two years afterwards. You can also enlist the help of agencies and programs in the GTA / Peel and Halton Regions that assist persons with disabilities to build meaningful careers. Many of these programs offer assistance such as job search support and training and help to make contacts with potential employers. These organizations have a wide variety of services that can complement what the UTM Career Centre can do for you on campus. Many such organizations are listed by disability type below. Please consult their websites to find out if they can be advantageous to you.

Know Your Rights​

Whether you’re in the midst of researching careers, gaining experience through internships and part-time jobs, or settling into a longer-term position after graduation, it is crucial to be aware of your rights under the law.  Below are various links to a variety of sources detailing the important legislation pieces and employment standards designed to protect all employees working in Canada. These are useful resources to consult if you feel you have been treated unfairly because of your disability or any other status or identity, such as culture, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

Having knowledge of these legal protections can facilitate a discussion with relevant parties such as supervisors, human resources personnel, union reps, equity and diversity officers (if your organization or company has them), professional associations or regulatory bodies, or an ombudsperson. Many issues can be resolved through dialogue and improved communications.

Talking about your specific workplace issues with a Career Counsellor or Employment Strategist at the Career Centre, can also be helpful.

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