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We value the partnership with secondary school guidance counsellors throughout the application process. We rely on school counselling staff in all jurisdictions to reinforce the university’s application requirements and deadlines and to highlight our admission requirements.

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2018-19 Admissions and Programs Updates

Updated Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships

Our updated guaranteed entrance scholarships, available to all newly admitted students directly from high school, are as follows:

  • 95.0% and above: Up to $12,000 ($3,000 x 4 years)
  • 92.0% – 94.9%: $3,000
  • 90.0% – 91.9%: $2,000

Program Prerequisites

The following are reminders of changes that were made last year:

  • All programs under Management now require MHF4U
  • Many programs under Chemical and Physical Sciences that required SPH4U now recommend it
  • All Forensic Science programs that required SPH4U now recommend it

Program Grade Requirements

The following is a reminder of a change that was made last year:

  • Computer Science, Mathematics & Statistic' approximate grade requirement have been increased from mid 70s to low to mid 80s

New Programs

  • No new programs have been announced for 2019.

New Names

  • Human Resource Management: Former program title: Human Resources and Industrial Relations

Suspended Programs

  • No program suspensions have been announced for 2019.