Careers Outside of Academia

This section includes information and links covering:

  1. Considering careers outside academia? Read this first.
  2. How to investigate careers in various industries and sectors including job ad sites and information on how to develop a job search strategy
  3. How to build experience and prepare for careers in a variety of sectors with links to graduate professional development programs, internships, entrepreneurship programs and technology transfer programs
  4. How to develop your professional network outside of academia for career exploration and effective job search
  5. How to conduct an effective job search, including turning your CV into a resume, cover letters, interviews and references

Need to get the big picture first? Check out our Tip Sheet on Non-Academic Job Search.

The career options for people with advanced degrees are incredibly diverse, and finding your career direction is often a challenge, particularly for those initially focused on academic careers only. The more definition you can bring to your intended career path outside of academia, the more likely you will find a challenging and rewarding career that uses your advanced skills and knowledge. If you are exploring career possibilities outside of academia and are unsure of what would best suit you, go to “Find Your Focus” at the bottom of this page for inspiring profiles and bios of others who have made the transition and found their niche. You can also explore what sectors and fields are associated with your discipline and find tools to generate career options based on your personal career criteria.

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