UTM Career Centre ranks top 5 in Canada

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 - 3:20pm
Doug Lu
UTM Career Centre: "Impressive" Career Services Model

In 2017 the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) named Unversity of Toronto Mississauga's Career Centre as one of Canada's "Impressive Models" for Post-Secondary Career Services Model.

November 12-17 2017, CERIC held a webinar series “Impressive” Post-Secondary Career Service Models: What Have We Learned? presented by Dr Peter Dietsche and 11 career services leaders from across Canada. Here is a breakdown of each webinar - be sure to listen in with our very own Director, Felicity Morgan in Webinar 5!


Webinar #1: Introduction/Project Findings https://vimeo.com/242818197
Slides: http://bit.ly/2hAKvxG

Webinar #2: Collaboration https://vimeo.com/242822779
Slides: http://bit.ly/2hzv5J

Webinar #3: Intervention https://vimeo.com/243012054
Slides: http://bit.ly/2j2m9Ny

Webinar #4: Innovation https://vimeo.com/243182517
Slides: http://bit.ly/2AQqQl9

Webinar #5: Evaluation https://vimeo.com/243366779
Slides: http://bit.ly/2yU39b5


Additional CERIC Resources:
- Dr Peter Dietsche and Jim Lees reports: Insight into Canadian Post-Secondary Career Service Models and Insight into Impressive Practices in Career Services: A Reference Guide (www.ceric.ca/pse)
- Careering magazine, Fall 2017 issue article Models of Career Services in Canadian Post-Secondary Institutions by Dr Peter Dietsche (http://bit.ly/2AOP2nM)
- Career Centre Evaluation: A Practitioner Guide, with theory, case studies and ready-to-use templates and tools (http://ceric.ca/careercentreevaluation/)
- Career Development Practice in Canada textbook with sections on career theory and other topics (www.ceric.ca/textbook)
- CERIC Literature Searches on 40 topics, including Evaluation and Best Practices of Career Services (http://ceric.ca/literature-searches/) s past November invited guests panelists from each Canadian Post-Secondary