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What is a Professional Experience Year (PEY)?

The Professional Experience Year (PEY) Internship Program is the largest undergraduate paid internship program in Canada. The PEY program provides students in year two or three with 12-16 month paid internships wherein they can apply their knowledge in a project-based professional environment, crucial to their ongoing career development.

The growing success of PEY lies in its integrative approach by providing employment opportunities and delivering an intensive development program that allows students to assess and market their skills and interest. Students are prepared for internship opportunities, introduced to the dynamics of an employment relationship, so as to develop an awareness of their potential and contribution as they chart their career path upon graduation.

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PEY Statistics for the 2015-2016 term (for all U of T):

  • Overall: 1007 students placed; average salary: $26,000 - $104,116
  • Computer Science: 178 students placed; average salary: $27,040 - $66,560
  • Commerce: eight students placed; average salary: $33,775 - $70,000