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Re-defining the skills for success formula: what job hunters demonstrate, what new hires anticipate, and what hiring managers expect

As a student looking to make the transition into the work force, it is often daunting to think about whether you’re skilled and qualified enough to outdo your competition, especially in a time where it seems the playing field has been somewhat levelled. This article discusses the skills you’ll need to succeed, as outlined both by fellow students, and hiring managers.

~ I thought this was an interesting article because it’s quite straightforward. The information is particularly impactful because you know it came directly from students who are new hires, as well as the managers in charge of hiring them. ~



Bored or Overloaded? This is the Amount of Stress You Need To Get Things Done

Working remotely from home requires some serious self-discipline. It may be difficult to prevent yourself from procrastinating, while also making sure you don’t overwork yourself. This article provides strategies you can implement in your life that will help you find that healthy balance between work and life in order to optimize your performance.

~ This article touches on a relevant issue that people seem to be having these days in terms of managing stress. It provides tangible strategies that are rooted in science, that will guide students in finding the right amount of pressure they need to put on themselves. ~



How To (Actually) Save Time When You're Working Remotely

With most people having no choice but to shift the completion of their work and school responsibilities to remote, online means, there has been added anxiety when it comes to balancing our days. At first, getting to stay home might have seemed like the ideal situation, but now, there seems to be a widespread struggle in terms of time management. This article provides strategies on how you can better structure your days to optimize on both productivity and leisure.

~ Time management has been one of the most obvious things that students have been struggling with, and I found this article to be incredibly helpful in providing legitimate strategies that can help set clearer boundaries and prevent feeling overworked and overwhelmed. ~



Careerwise by Ceric

CareerWise helps people working in career development across Canada stay up to date on the top news and trends.



Immigrant Employment in Sectors Most Affected by COVID-19


The Labour Market Information Council analyzed data regarding employment loss and recovery during the months of February and July 2020, comparing immigrants and Canadian-born workers. Their major findings include the fact that although immigrants in general saw the largest drops in employment, female immigrant workers in particular suffered the worst job losses, and have also had the slowest recovery rate.

~ I found this article to be relevant because many UTM students are either immigrants themselves or come from immigrant families, and it provides a good snapshot of how that specific population has been impacted by COVID. It’s quite clear and concise and the stats are easy to understand. ~



How candidates are using background props to stand out in interviews


The interview process is just one of many key aspects of the workforce that has shifted to virtual means to accommodate for physical distancing guidelines. As a result, there may be an added layer of pressure when it comes to presenting one’s physical background through video. This article provides tips and tricks on how to tailor your background for the job you want.

~ I found this article to be very interesting because it provides a thought-provoking presentation of the pros and cons of video interviews and gives really good advice on how students can use their circumstances to their benefit. ~   



How To Amp Up Your Professional Development, Even From Home


Although it may feel as if our physical and social exploration has been stunted as a result of having to stay home, that doesn’t mean our professional exploration needs to suffer the same fate. This article suggests a few digital resources that may be available to individuals who are looking to continue their professional development despite the current restrictions on attending in-person events.

~ This seems like a particularly relevant article for students who may feel stuck, and as if there’s nothing they can do to work their way towards their desired career. The article is a good way to get students thinking of how they can take initiative over their professional lives despite the current circumstances. ~