Career Exploration Part 2

Attending Career Exploration Part 2 will allow you to participate in the three career exploration programs at U of T, and it will give you all the information you need to know about how to do this.  It  will also help you to do effective career exploration on your own.
Learning about different careers will help you make great decisions! 

In order to register for this session, please complete our online module Career Exploration 101 (it takes about 15 minutes).  You will then be able to register for any of the sessions of Career Exploration Part 2. We offer part 2 regularly - check the UTM CLN calendar for all dates.

The three career exploration programs offered at U of T are:

  1. Extern - a job shadowing program where individual students are placed with industry professional for a short period
  2. In the Field - group site visits to various organizations
  3. Informational Interview Database - industry professionals willing to meet with students to discuss careers

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