Terrence Ho

Terrence Ho
Grad Year: 
Associate Director - Finance
Business, Finance & Administration

In his work as a financial analyst for Carlton Cards Ltd., Terrance was responsible for calculating contract obligations that resulted in payments of over $30 million, preparing financial statements, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting information to top management. Currently he is the Associate Director of Finance at Bell.

“I find trying to keep a work/life balance a challenge, however it is something that one must have,” says Terrence, who values the financial rewards and recognition that his position provides.

Terrence believes he was hired because of his interview skills.

“When interviewing, you should prepare, but you do not want to sound too rehearsed. I also found ‘headhunters’ helpful. Having a good resume is also very important,” he says. “Interpersonal skills are important in the corporate environment. Connections and networking is extremely important.

But he stresses that you should not worry about making mistakes.

“Don’t sweat the little things. You are bound to make mistakes in school and work. Just learn from them. I have seen so many people at work stress out so much about little things that they made themselves sick,” he says.

Terrence, who has previously held junior financial analyst and staff accountant positions, also finds time to volunteer for the Chum City Christmas wish list every year.