Bhupinder Seera

Bhupinder Seera
Grad Year: 
Crime & Deviance
Industrial Relations
Team Leader
Business, Finance & Administration
Federal Government

*update*: Bhupinder Seera currently works as a Team Leader for the Federal Government.

Bhupinder Seera currently works for the federal government as a Supply Specialist.

“I am responsible for contracting on behalf of the government. I used to buy goods and services and then moved on to doing construction contracts. At the moment I am handling architecture and engineering contracts and hiring consultants,” says Bhupinder. “The challenge of this position is that you have to be very flexible—you always have to upgrade your skills as you have to learn new policies and be knowledgeable about the current policies.”

In order to succeed in his line of work, Bhupinder says you have to be a team player, open to new ideas, and eager to learn. Bhupinder started off as a Supply Officer, but after winning a competition he was elevated to Supply Specialist. He found this job by applying through a university recruitment campaign.

“I was called to the interview in March and offered the position in April to start in June once I graduated. I think I was hired because they were looking for people who had a university degree, obtained certain marks in the government tests, and good interpersonal skills,” he says. “They do train you on the job so specific knowledge was not required—the willingness to work hard was.”

Bhupinder is part of various clubs and committees, such as the Regional Employment Equity Diversity Action Forum and Youth Connect. If he could do anything differently, he may have taken UTM’s management program.

“That program will help if you want to get into a managerial position. I would also have taken French as most of the higher positions in the government are bilingual,” he says.

Bhupinder says the key to his success has been that he is always eager to learn.

“I am flexible and I always look for new opportunities. Not necessarily a higher position, just an assignment in other sections of the government,” he says.

“You may not get the starting salary you want, but if you work hard and network, it is easier to move around in the government. The hard part is getting in, so take any job you can get for the experience. The federal government is a great place to work and they do promote and help youth in their career development.”