Understanding Basic & Flex

Understand the difference between Basic & Flex Dollars


Basic Dollars

Basic” funds are the tax-exempt portion of your Student Meal Plan. 

Any purchase of a meal on campus (with the exception of meals from the Blind Duck, Chatime, Duck Stop, food trucks, and most vending machines) qualifies as a Basic purchase


Flex Account

Flex” funds can be used to purchase all items that don't qualify as a Basic-eligible meal.

You can use your Flex funds for:

  • Snack items
  • Beverages
  • Convenience items
  • Confectionary
  • Grocery items
  • Vending machines with card readers
  • The Blind Duck (in the Student Centre)
  • Chatime (in the Student Centre)
  • The Duck Stop (in the Student Centre)
  • Participating food trucks on campus

Please note: 
For 2021-2022 we have updated the Basic eligibility of products to meet the updated Canada Revenue Agency Guidelines on Meal Plans. Consequently, some of the Basic eligibility of products may have changed from last year to this year. 

Here are two examples that best identify how the changes impact your Basic-eligible purchases:

Examples Last Year This Year
Brewed Coffee
Purchased Individually
Deducted from Basic
(Prepared Food and Beverages)
Deducted from Flex (Unless
Purchased with a Meal)
Individual Chocolate Bar
Purchased with a Meal
Deducted from Flex
Deducted from Basic (Snack Food
included with a Meal)



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