Campus Value Plan

What is a Campus Value Plan 

A Campus Value Plan (CVP) is a non-restrictive declining-balance meal plan that allows you to save 5% on most on-campus food purchases! A CVP is best suited for students not living in residence & staff. 


Student Meal Plans 23-24

What is the difference between a Campus Value Plan and a Student Meal Plan?

Where Student Meal Plans require you to select a pre-determined amount of money, CVPs are whatever you would like. 

Student Meal Plans are designed for those living on campus and eating many of their meals on campus, and therefore the savings is higher (up to 13%),. Campus Value Plans on the other hand may be smaller as it's a self-determined sum of money, and therefore a smaller savings (5%).

Multiple locations

Where can I use a CVP?

You may use a Campus Value Plan anywhere on campus, and with our off-campus partners. However, in order to receive the 5% discount, it must be a food service location overseen by UTM food service. 

For example, the UTMSU (UTM Student Union) restaurants such as Chattime, the Blind Duck, and the Duck Stop are not run by the university and therefore do not offer you the 5% discount. Additionally, off-campus partners are not run by UTM, so they also cannot offer you the 5%. 

You may still use your CVP money to pay, however you do not get a discount.

Basic vs Flex

How do I open a Campus Value Plan?

To open a CVP you need to drop by our office (William G. Davis Building suite 3127) or email us at

When you first open a Campus Value Plan there will be an $80 minimum. After that you may add as little or as much to your account as you would like.


Who is a Campus Value Plan made for?

  • non-residence students

  • staff

  • faculty


dietary requirement

What are the benefits?

  • Save 5% on most on-campus food purchases

  • Conveniently on your TCard

  • You can use it everywhere on campus & with our off-campus partners

  • Makes it easy to budget your spending through the year


How do you use a CVP?

  1. Present your TCard to the cashier

  2. Tap your card

  3. Your purchase is deducted from your plan

  4. Your new balance is electronically displayed

  5. You may request a receipt

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* Purchases made using a Campus Value Plan are taxable