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A Declining Balance, À La Carte Meal Plan

A Meal Plan that is Declining Balance, À La Carte means that you pay for what you want, when you want

Whenever you make a food or beverage purchase, the purchase value comes off of your Student Meal Plan balance (Declining Balance). If you want to purchase an entire breakfast meal, or if you just want a coffee and a muffin in the morning, or even if you don't want to eat anything until late afternoon, then you are free to do so. You can skip breakfast or eat 3 burgers for dinner - your Student Meal Plan does not dictate your eating habits, you do.  This is because you can purchase as much or as little as you want any time during the day (à la carte).


Basic Account

Basic” funds are the tax-exempt portion of your Student Meal Plan.  Any purchase of a meal on campus (with the exception of meals from the Blind Duck, Chatime, Duck Stop, food trucks, and most vending machines) qualifies as a Basic purchase


Flex Account

Flex” funds can be used to purchase all items that don't qualify as a Basic-eligible meal.

You can use your Flex funds for:

  • Snack items
  • Beverages
  • Convenience items
  • Confectionary
  • Grocery items
  • Vending machines with card readers
  • The Blind Duck (in the Student Centre)
  • Chatime (in the Student Centre)
  • The Duck Stop (in the Student Centre)
  • Participating food trucks on campus


Minimum Commitment 

The Minimum Commitment is the minimum level of Basic Dollar spending required. Basic Dollars remaining at the end of the school year over this minimum level of spending are eligible for carryover into the following year.



At the end of the school year, any remaining Basic Dollars above the minimum level of spending and any remaining Flex Dollars are moved into a RezCarryOver account.  This account will appear on your TCard on the first day of the Summer semester and expires on the last day of the following academic school year.

Your RezCarryOver funds become taxable and can still be used to purchase all items that you were purchasing with both your Basic and Flex Dollars. Purchases made with RezCarryOver funds are taxable and are not eligible for any tax exemption.

You do not need to live in Residence the following school year in order to have access to your RezCarryover funds. You can use these funds throughout the summer if you decide to take summer courses.  If you do decide to live in Residence the following school year, RezCarryOver funds will appear on your account separate from your Basic and Flex Dollars from your new Student Meal Plan and can be used to make the same purchases as you would using your Flex Dollars.

Learn more on the Adding, Transferring, and Carrying Over Funds page.



Resident Students: A student meal plan is required
A student meal plan ensures that your dining requirements are covered for the academic year, allowing you to focus on other activities that will help you succeed at UTM.

Non-Resident Students: Not required
You can choose to purchase a student meal plan as a way to budget your food purchases throughout the year.  If you know that you will be spending time on campus outside of just going to classes, then you may want to consider a Student Meal Plan.


Benefits of a Student Meal Plan

  • "Basic" dollar purchases allow you a tax savings of up to 13% off of qualifying purchases
  • You can use the online Budget Planner to see how your spending compares in order to adjust your spending. Once you see how you are spending, you may move to a smaller plan (within one month after first-year move-in; see Important Dates and Deadlines for details) or you may add more money to your account as required
  • The funds are deposited directly on your TCard and can be used whenever you need to make a food or beverage purchase, just tap and go!
  • You can use your student meal plan funds at all food service locations on campus, as well as with our off campus partners

Please note: UTM Student Meal Plans cannot be used at U of T St. George campus affiliated Colleges, or at UTSC. 

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