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Are you thinking about UTM, but haven't made up your mind yet?

We'd like to share a few things about our meal plans, and how they work here at UTM -



Are you thinking about living in residence?


We have lots of meal plan options for you, so you may select the best one to suit your lifestyle. 

More about Student Meal Plans


We have an option that will simply save you 5% anywhere on campus - from drinks, tea / coffee, snacks, & full meals, you simply sign up, and save. Easy peasy.

More about Campus Value Plans

What is the difference between a Student Meal Plan & Campus Value Plan?

Student Meal Plans are pre-determined plans with set dollar amounts. They are bigger plans and meant primarily for those living in residence, though you may certainly purchase one even if you are not living in residence. They include both “Basic” and “Flex” dollars, which are spent differently on different items. You save up to 13% when you spend your “Basic” dollars and 5% when you spend “Flex” dollars.

If you would like to learn more about “Basic” and “Flex” dollars at this time, please visit our Basic vs Flex Dollar webpage here.

More about Student Meal Plans

Campus Value Plans are best for students not living in residence. There is no set balance in these plans – you decide what you would like in the account, so it is a great option for budgeting. You save 5% on most purchase on campus, with our off-campus partners, and with vending machines. This is a very popular option for those not in residence, as well as for staff & faculty at UTM. When you first open a Campus Value Plan account the minimum deposit is $80, and subsequent deposits are a minimum of $20.

More about Campus Value Plans

How simple are the meal plans?


Our meal plans work like a debit account. You start with a certain amount of money, and each time you use your meal plan to purchase something, the transaction amount subtracts from your account. 


All you need to do, is tap your Student Card (known as your TCard), and the the total will be subtracted from your meal plan account.


Not very experienced with budgeting? Not to worry. We provide budgeting templates to help you ensure that you are using your meal plan funds at a rate that will ensure you do not have money left over at the end of the academic year.


If you don't use all of your meal plan funds, you are able to carry *some* of the funds forward to your next academic year. It is important that you understand what your minimum spend is, and that you monitor your account balance, so that you are not over the limit.

What is the difference between all of the Student Meal Plans?

  • Each Student Meal Plan has a different monetary value so that you are able to purchase a plan that reflects how often you will be eating on campus and the size of your appetite
    • As a guide, consider the below:

If you will be on campus through the week, and on weekends, you will want a larger plan

If you plan to leave campus on the weekends, you will need a smaller plan

If you have a large appetite, you will need a larger plan

If you have a smaller appetite, you will need a smaller plan

Read more on Student Meal Plan options here.

Where can I use my meal plan?

On campus: You can use your meal plans everywhere on campus, including the vending machines (and we have some cool & unique vending machines)

Off campus: You can use your meal plans with our off-campus partners as well

Can I change my mind once I have selected a meal plan?


Yes. As long as you refer to the Important Dates & Deadlines page to ensure you work within the correct dates. 

What happens if I do not use all of the meal plan funds?


If you purchase a Student Meal Plan:

 You will be able to carry over some of your funds to the next academic year. There are restrictions as to how much, and that is because you are encouraged to use your meal plan funds that year. You can learn more on our RezCarryOver webpage.

Learn more about the Student Meal Plans 

If you purchase a Campus Value Plan

You are able to carry all of your funds to the next academic year. 

Learn more about our Campus Value Plan

What does a Student Meal Plan look like?

  • Our meal plans are “Declining Balance” meal plans
  • This means that you start with a total amount of money in your account, and as you spend it, it declines from your account
    • It does not matter if you only eat two meals a day, or if you eat five meals a day, because it only removes money from your account when you purchase food (your purchase is paid for using your meal plan funds, and the purchase total is subtracted from your meal plan balance)
    • You do not lose money for not eating breakfast; you only spend money when you purchase food
  • You can buy food anywhere on campus, and at our off-campus partners
  • Student Meal Plans also “include” up to a 13% savings on all “Basic” purchases (save the tax)

Read more about our Student Meal Plan options here.

What if I have questions about my meal plan after I select one?

Not to worry! We have a dedicated team that is here to support you. Simply call or email us and we will help you with any questions you may have.
(905) 569-4795

You may also visit our Meal Plan website to find more answers.


Questions? Contact us!

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