Filming on the UTM Campus

Are you looking to do some filming?

We can help with that! The UTM campus boasts a vide variety of settings which have been completely transformed in to museums, FBI headquarters, high schools, hospitals, and more for feature films, TV series, commercials, and other film needs. 

Please visit Ontario Creates for more information about what we have to offer and to see more photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know when there will be filming on campus, and where will it be taking place?
The Conference & Event team will ensure everyone is made aware of film productions before they arrive on campus, and that special consideration is taken of those who may be more directly impacted.

They will use tools such as:

  • General emails to all Faculty & Staff that include dates the film crew will be on campus, locations where the film crew will be, times that the film crew will be active, and where the film crew will be parking
  • Personal emails to individuals who may be more directly impacted by the filming
  • Information regarding upcoming film shoots will be on our website:   

Will there be filming through the year?
Our priority will always be to protect the outstanding academic quality and the success of our students here at UTM. In order to minimize the impact on the workflow of students, faculty, and staff, as well as the daily operations of building occupants, filming will only take place through slow times on campus. This includes weekends, reading weeks, the odd low-traffic weekday through the school year (September – April), and through the summer months (May – August).

Why do we allow filming on campus?
Allowing movie productions, television shows, commercials, and other film opportunities to film on campus will not only raise the international reputation and visibility of UTM’s photogenic campus, beautiful design, and state of the art architecture, but also contributes funding to a variety of programs that benefit the UTM community. Ontario’s thriving television and movie production industry also annually generates an average of more than 40,000 full-time jobs and $3 billion in operating revenue for the surrounding communities, so we appreciate your patience while we help to make movie magic. 

Why am I not allowed to take photos of film productions?
In order to protect storylines and avoid spoilers for upcoming releases they ask that you refrain from taking pictures and videos of the set and filming. 

Why am I sometimes asked to stop or take a detour?
The Conference & Event team works to minimize these occurrences, however if you approach the production and they are live filming mid-scene, they may ask you to stop and wait for a moment until they are finished the scene, or take another route as to not interrupt their scene.

What COVID precautions do film productions take? 
All productions on campus follow provincial and regional COVID protocols. They are also required to have daily testing for their cast and crew members on site.

Where do I park if the film crew has taken over my lot?
There will always be alternate parking available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Parking & Transportation Services will reach out to you with a solution as to where you may park. 

I am concerned that my class(es) may be interrupted during filming.
Conference & Event Services works with production companies to minimize any interruptions and declines filming requests that will disrupt academic activities.

Please direct any concerns to Sabrina Coccagna (Assistant Director, Conferences & Special Events) at or (416) 795-9397.

Can I film at UTM campus?
Yes, UTM is open for filming inquiries depending on the season and on availability. There are also three detached houses on Mississauga Rd. that are available for filming throughout the year.

At what times throughout the year is filming permitted on campus?
Yes. Filming on campus is only permitted during the spring and summer semesters, as well as the fall and winter reading weeks, based on availability and internal approvals. Filming is currently not allowed on campus outside of these time brackets.

Who do I reach out to for a site tour?
Please visit our learn more & book now contact page on our website and we will get back to you within 24 to 48 business hours.

Can you provide parking and base camp for film crews?
Yes, based on timing and availability, we are able to provide parking for base camp and crew.

What type of documentation do I need to provide in order to confirm a film shoot on campus?
After all the filming details have been approved and confirmed, you’ll need to provide a signed contract at least three business days before the start date of your production, a certificate of liability insurance in the amount specified on the contract, and a payment method.

What type of facilities do we have access to for filming?
Film productions have access to spaces that have been booked for the purpose of filming, such as classrooms or lecture halls, event spaces, meeting spaces, spaces for meals, etc. Film productions do not have access to personal offices, research facilities, or any locations that are not approved and not listed on the contract.

Is there any prohibited content or visual effects during filming?
Any violent or gore scenes, use of weapons of any type, nudity or inappropriate content, use of the university’s name or signage & the use of animals are typically not allowed. Please direct any unusual requests to the Special Events Coordinator working with you so they may seek the required approvals.

Can we hire our own security for filming?
It is required to have our Campus Safety on site for the whole duration of filming. If your production requires extra security, please discuss this with your Special Events Coordinator in order to source the necessary approvals.

Can we bring our own catering company to campus?
You may bring your craft truck and/or catering services to campus for a buyout fee of $500/day.

Can we do any physical changes to your facilities?
All requests for physical changes and set dress should be discussed in detail with your Special Events Coordinator prior to signing your contract. Any physical changes must be approved before reaching the contract stage.

Can we film using a drone?
Yes, if the necessary documentation is received and approved. Please refer to our drone policy for more info on the documentation that you need to provide

Will the campus be open during filming?
Yes, unless it is a stat holiday, the campus will be fully open and operational during any filming activity. There are always students, staff and faculty studying and working on campus throughout the year.

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