Oscar | Waste Diversion

World's FIRST Zero Waste platform

Centralized zero-touch, zero-waste, stations that gamify recycling and boost diversion.



 ZERO waste & ZERO manual sorting!

  • Up to a 300% increase in recycling
  • Garbage goes in, and waste insights come out
  • Up to a 40% savings in operations
  • 7x increased engagement with Oscar bins
  • Automate waste auditing
  • Gamify recycling, incentivize everyone


Oscar learns on the go - adapts to changing local regulations or packaging, as well as helps you recycle your items properly at the point of disposal - tackling the waste problem at the very source.

Find our UTM Oscar in the William G. Davis building in The Meeting Place.


Please note: Oscar does not collect personal information
   Learn more here: intuitiveai.ca/privacy



Questions? Contact us!

(905) 569-4795
William G. Davis building, Suite 3127

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