Student Meal Plans

Understand the difference between Basic & Flex Dollars


Think about it like this...


What is considered Flex?

  • A beverage on its own (pop, coffee, Perrier, etc.) 
  • A "cup of candy" (sour keys, gummy worms, etc.)  
  • A snack (chocolate bars, chips, etc.)

Ok, then what is considered Basic?

So when you eliminate those Flex items, it leaves you with entrées. Entrées are Basic. And when you purchase a Basic entrée, you can add on Flex items, and they will all qualify as Basic, as it completes a "meal". 

  • Muffin (can traditionally be a breakfast entrée)
  • Pastry (can traditionally be a breakfast entrée)
  • Salad (traditionally an entrée)
  • Pasta (traditionally an entrée)
  • Burger (traditionally an entrée)
  • Hot made-to-order dish (traditionally an entrée)

NOW add on a beverage and/or a side and/or a dessert, and it is all BASIC.  

Please Note: This only applies to Dana Hospitality food service outlets. The Blind Duck, Chatime, the Duck Stop, off-campus partners, vending machines, & food trucks are not Dana Hospitality food service outlets.


Basic Dollars

Basic” funds are the tax-exempt portion of your Student Meal Plan. 

Any purchase of a meal on campus (with the exception of meals from the Blind Duck, Chatime, Duck Stop, food trucks, and most vending machines) qualifies as a Basic purchase

Flex Account

Flex” funds can be used to purchase all items that don't qualify as a Basic-eligible meal.

You can use your Flex funds for:

  • Snack items
  • Beverages
  • Convenience items
  • Confectionary
  • Grocery items
  • Vending machines with card readers
  • The Blind Duck (in the Student Centre)
  • Chatime (in the Student Centre)
  • The Duck Stop (in the Student Centre)
  • Participating food trucks on campus