Food Service Advisory Committee


The University of Toronto Mississauga Food Service Advisory Committee has been established to provide a structured and open forum whereby representation from various user groups will evaluate and review various policy and operational aspects of the Hospitality & Ancillary Services department as pertaining to food services at the UTM.  This forum will ensure an open channel of communication for members of the University community to register their concerns and/or suggestions concerning departmental policy.  In this regard, the committee will act in advisory and consultative capacity responsible to the Director of Hospitality and Retail Services.
This committee will work alongside the Resident Student Dining Committee.  The Resident Student Dining Committee has been established to support the unique needs of resident student meal plan holders at UTM.  Two members of the Resident Student Dining Committee will also serve on the University of Toronto Mississauga Food Service Advisory Committee.


Scope, Duties, and Responsibilities

The Committee shall function as consultative and advisory to the Director of Hospitality & Ancillary Services with respect to all existing and planned food service outlets and for catering services provide to the University of Toronto Mississauga Community.
Specific, on-going topics of discussion will include (but are not limited to):
  • To receive and discuss requests and suggestions made by University of Toronto Mississauga community members with regards to food service
  • To provide information and answer questions related to departmental operations
  • To ensure an open channel of communication for members of the University community to register their concerns and /or suggestions concerning departmental policy
  • To evaluate existing departmental policies; to receive and evaluate food service recommendations; and to recommend changes to the policy where such changes are warranted and calculated to benefit the community.
  • To receive, for information and to provide feedback, the department’s annual budgetary recommendations
  • To assess the implications of:
    • The hours and days of operation for each outlet
    • The partial or complete opening or closing of one or more outlets
    • Changes in operation of any outlet
  • To receive and discuss, as applicable, reports from the Resident Student Dining Committee
  • To provide feedback regarding the placement of new outlets and or products and services to the community

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2012 - 2013 Academic Year


  • Launched the first Oscar waste diversion system in one location on campus (The Meeting Place in the William G. Davis building)
  • Officially opened the UTM Farm (container farm in P9) and transitioned out of the UTM Farm Walls in Colman Commons


  • Food Service contract bid evaluation performed and new Food Service contract implemented
  • Launched the OZZI reusable container program in two locations (Davis Food Court & Colman Commons)
  • New Food Service partner awarded


  • RFP development for Food Service contract 


  • Application for the Silver Fair Trade Campus designation submitted - and awarded!
  • Davis Food Court opened
  • Implemented food waste management systems including two macerators (in Colman Commons and Spiegel Hall) and updated the waste management system in the waste room in Colman Commons
  • Took over management of UTM Farm Walls
  • Created and launched an Indigenous catering menu 


  • Continuing to bring in more Fair Trade brands in order to apply for the Silver designation in 2019
  • Davis Building food court under construction
  • Vending contract renewed and brought in Fair Trade chocolate


  • Plans to move forward and apply for the Silver Fair Trade Campus designation
  • Davis Building food court finalized
  • Implementation of ITC as new Commerce Management System
  • Retail Services expansion planning initiated
  • New vending contract and expanded vending services discussion initiated


  • Fair Trade Campus application submitted to Fair Trade Canada, and designation granted
  • Preliminary review of the Davis Building food course discussed
  • TCard "Tap" test pilot project introduced
  • Possibility of implementing a payment app at UTM discussed
  • Development of Commerce Management System RDP initiated
  • First gluten-free certified university Foo Service outlet in Canada, Fusion 5, opened in TFC (also dairy-, peanut-, and shellfish- free, and vegetarian- & vegan- friendly)
  • Davis Building reconstruction project committee struck


  • Food Service contract bid evaluation performed and new Food Service contract implemented
  • Fair Trade Campus designation process begun
  • RFSQ for third party catering companies performed
  • Implementation of an allergen-free Food Service concept discussed
  • Introduction of Food Trucks to campus


  • Community Kitchen program introduced
  • Chartwells / Hospitality & Retail Services began supporting the UTM Food Bank
  • Third-party consultant RFQ developed+ big evaluation and qualifying interviews performed for Self-Op Feasibility Study and Food Service Contract RSP development
  • Self-Op Feasibility Study developed and performed
  • RFP development for Food Service contract


  • UTM's food service pricing and meal plan rate strategies outlined (ie: prices relatively low compared to other Ontario universities, and meal plan rates are to follow suit)
  • Halal options on campus reviewed
  • Food Service development plan for campus discussed
  • Chartwells' local buying practices presented (more than 50% of all non-branded food items purchased from Ontario suppliers & will purchase local produce when available)
  • Value Meal Program implemented


  • Responsibilities of Food Service contractor vs responsibilities of UTM with regards to food service program discussed (ie: UTM makes all capital investments and determines food service concepts)


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