TBA ., Lab Technician
Office: DV3275-1153
Matthew Adams, Assistant Professor & GIS Program advisor
Office: DV3261
Phone: 905-569-4761
Rachel Alt, Office Administrator
Office: DV3284
Phone: 905-828-5462
Kilian Atuoye, Post Doctoral Fellow
Laurel Besco, Assistant Professor
Office: DV3293
Phone: 905-828-3929
Paul Bocking, Sessional Lecturer
Laura Brown, Associate Professor (on leave)
Office: DV3279
Phone: 905-569-4239
Ron Buliung, Professor & Graduate Chair of the Department of Geography & Planning (on leave)
Office: DV3272
Phone: 905-569-4419
Tenley Conway, Professor & Associate Chair, Research, ENV Management Program advisor
Office: DV3256
Phone: 905-828-3928
Amrita Daniere, Professor & Office of the Vice-Principal, Academic & Dean, UTM
Office: DV3200C
Phone: 905-828-3862
Pierre Desrochers, Associate Professor & Human Geography Program advisor
Office: DV3273
Phone: 905-828-5206
Tim Duval, Associate Professor, Physical Geography Program Advisor
Office: DV3295
Phone: 905-569-4558
Kristin Eccles, Post Doctoral Fellow
Office: DV3276
Sabrina Ferrari, Academic Counsellor
Office: DV3282
Phone: 905-828-5465
Chance Finegan, Post Doctoral Fellow
Office: DV3263
Monika Havelka, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, ENV Program director and ENV Science Program advisor
Office: DV3291
Phone: 905-828-5366
Yuhong He, Professor & Chair of Geography, Geomatics and Environment
Office: DV3271
Phone: 905-569-4679
Bruce Huang, Geographic IT Specialist
Office: DV3277
Phone: 905-569-4497
Reiner Jaakson, Emeritus Professor
Marc Johnson, Associate Professor
Office: DV3040
Phone: 905-569-4484
Egide Kalisa, Post Doctoral Fellow
Office: DV3276
Jane Kirk, Research Scientist, Aquatic Contaminant Research Division, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Vincent Kuuire, Assistant Professor
Office: DV3278
Phone: 905-828-5299
Nicole Laliberte, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Office: DV3292
Phone: 905-569-4854
Igor Lehnherr, Assistant Professor
Office: DV3281
Phone: 905-569-5769
Joseph Leydon, Associate Professor & Associate Chair, Academic
Office: DV3296
Phone: 905-569-4515
Kevin Mackay, Sessional Lecturer
Damian Maddalena, Assistant Professor (CLTA)
Office: DV3265
Phone: 905-569-4382
Tom Mcilwraith, Emeritus Professor
Office: DV3205
Raktim Mitra, Associate Professor, School of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Community Services, Ryerson U
Scott Munro, Emeritus Professor
Barbara Murck, Professor, Teaching Stream
Office: DV 3270
Phone: 905-828-5426
Andrea Olive, Associate Professor, Chair of Dept. Political Science
Office: DV3263
Phone: 905-569-4556
Camilo Ordonez Barona, Post Doctoral Fellow
Office: DV3209
David Passmore, Sessional Lecturer
Trevor Porter, Assistant Professor
Office: DV3280
Phone: 905-828-5314
Ivanka Pribramska, Department Manager
Office: DV3283
Phone: 905-866–2067
Harvey Shear, Professor (on leave)
Office: DV3296
Peter J. Stoett, Dean and Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, UOIT
Adam Thorn, Lecturer (CLTA), Geography and Political Science
Office: DV3268
Phone: 905-569-5683
Alan Walks , Professor
Office: DV3258
Phone: 905-828-3932
Jue Wang, Assistant Professor
Office: DV3259
Phone: 905-569-5770
Kathi Wilson, Professor, Vice-Dean, Faculty
Office: DV3294
Phone: 905-828-3864
Tingting Zhu, Lecturer (CLTA)
Office: DV3274
Phone: 905-569-4384