Geographical Information Systems - Major (Science)


The GIS BSc offers an analytical perspective on geographical information. In-depth studies, beyond basic geography, include mapping, spatial analysis, digital databases with specializations in modeling, statistical analysis and remote sensing.

Completion Requirements

7.5 credits are required.

First Year: 1.0 credits any 100-level

Second Year: 2.0 credits

1.0 credits: GGR276H5/​STA256H5, GGR278H5

1.0 credits from any other 200-level GGR/ENV courses

Third/Fourth Year: 4.5 credits

1.5 credits: GGR321H5, GGR337H5, GGR382H5

2.5 credits from the following (limited to 1.0 credits from ERS/CSC courses): GGR311H5, GGR322H5, GGR335H5, GGR370H5, GGR372H5, GGR376H5, GGR437H5, GGR440H5, GGR463H5, GGR494H5, ERS304H5, CSC311H5, CSC343H5, CSC413H5, CSC477H5

0.5 credit from any other 3/400-level GGR/ENV courses

POSt Code: ERMAJ0305