Here you will find information about departmental resources, which are at the disposal of students and faculty. These resources include:

Undergraduate Labs

  • Computer Labs:  Computer labs are located at CCT1160, CCT2140, CCT2160, DH2010.  Please visit here for the computing facility detail,
  • Software: GIS and the remote sensing software 
    • ArcGIS 10.7
    • ArcGIS Pro
    • Erdas IMAGINE 2018
    • ENVI 5.5/IDL 8.7
  • Web Learning Platform (WLP) provides the web-based teaching and learning platform.  Please visit here for more detail.

Research Clusters

  • Our faculty conduct research within specialized research clusters. Within our research clusters, we have some very innovative research groups working on cutting-edge research in their respective fields. Check out the research clusters to see how our faculty have specialized and how our research groups align with your own research interests.  Please click here for more detail.