Experiential Learning Opportunities & Field Courses

The Department of Geography, Geomatics and Environment offers field courses, experiential learning opportunities and internship courses.

Field courses provide the opportunity to gain practical collaborative work experience through the design and implementation of small scale research projects. The department will offer field courses in Montreal (Human Geography) and Haliburton (physical geography). Faculty members will also lead field courses in Guatemala and Ecuador.

The internship course provides work placements for senior students in the science and social science streams of geography and environment to build work experience and to develop professional skills. Qualifying students fill placements with government agencies (federal, provincial, municipal) industry, conservation authorities and non-profit organizations. Information on the application process, work placements and course organization will be provided at the information session.

Application forms for the courses are below:

Internship Courses

JEG400JEG401 Internship Courses

If you are interested in the internship course, please read the following instructions and submit the application form:

Field Courses

GGR379H5: Field Methods in Physical Geography


In light of COVID-19, the format for GGR379H5 will be different; however, the course will be offered for the 2020-2021 academic year. The course usually takes place in Haliburton Forest where students practice field methods and work in groups, however, in the era of physical distancing the fieldwork will need to be practiced locally and independently, with virtual meetings between the instructor and group members. More details to follow.

A deposit will NOT be required at this time. Simply complete the application and email it to Sabrina FerrariAcademic Counselor.

Some thoughts from our participants:

Best field course for Physical Geography at UTM!

Fun to get to know a bunch of people including the prof.  Learned how to use a bunch of cool tools while getting fresh air and exercise.

Great way to experience research firsthand and see if you like it to continue with other field and lab-based courses like ROPs etc.

A great course to gain some research and field experience while making new friends and having a blast outdoors.  Great introduction to research equipment and methods and tons of fun!

GGR389H5: Field Studies in Human Geography

Not offered in 2019-2020


Research selected topics relating to the urban, economic and social geography of Montreal

Engage in field work in the city

Visit sites of political, social and economic significance in Montreal

Free time will be allocated for research and sightseeing

Honour Thesis Course

JEG417Y5: Honours Thesis

Review the available topic areas and supervisors below:


Research Opportunity Program

GGR399Y5: Research Opportunity Program

The Research Opportunity Program (ROP) provides students in second to fourth year with the chance to participate in the research of a faculty member while earning course credit. Students in the program have the valuable opportunity to become involved in hands-on, cutting-edge research, working one-on-one with the University's leading faculty members across a range of academic units. Through the ROP, you will gain practical skills and knowledge that can be applied to careers or toward future graduate studies. You will use your experiences to build strong relationships with instructors, learn about exciting new developments in their research field, and explore new areas of interest. 

The Department of Geography, Geomatics and Environment offers an ROP course, GGR399Y5.



Across the University of Toronto, over 3,500 students participate in the Work-Study Program every year! Twice a year (fall-winter and summer), the Work-Study Program offers paid, on-campus positions that provide you with an opportunity to deepen your knowledge, strengthen your skills and explore how your academic studies translate to career possibilities. All Work-Study positions are Co-Curricular Record (CCR) recognized (see the CCR website to learn more).

The Department of Geography, Geomatics and Environment posts Work-Study positions on the Career Learning Network (CLNx), please log in to CLNx for more information and for complete student qualification rules.