GGR399Y5 Research Opportunity Program

GGR399 Course Desciption

Course Description

This course provides senior undergraduate students who have developed knowledge of geography and have studied its research methods the chance to work as part of a research team, under the direction of a professor, in exchange for course credit. Students have the opportunity to be involved in original research, enhance their research skills and participate in the excitement and discovery of facilitating new knowledge. Project descriptions for participating faculty members for the following summer and fall/winter semesters are posted on the ROP website in mid-February and students are invited to apply at that time. This course may fulfill field day components. Please consult with your supervisor.

For the available projects, please check here.

Prerequisite: 9.0

Recommended Preparation: GGR276H5 or GGR277H5 or GGR278H5

I was really excited to work with my Supervisor on their research. I got lots of field and lab experience and worked with lots of high-end equipment.

Chris Woodsworth