Funding and Awards

Tuition, Fees and Funding

A base funding package is available to all students in the Department of Geography’s funded cohort. Students in year one of their Master’s program or years one to four of their PhD program are in the “funded cohort.” For more information about tuition, fees and funding packages, please see

Graduate Expansion Funding

Graduate Expansion Funds are available for travel and research related expenses (i.e., costs associated with attending and presenting at conferences and/or travel to conduct field research or research consumables). You may also claim association membership fees for reimbursement (e.g., CAG, AAG, CGU etc.) This fund is open to UTM-affiliated Geography and Planning graduate students. There are typically three funding calls per year.

Department of Geography at UTM Awards

First Paper Award

The first paper award is given to a graduate student who is the first or sole-author on a peer reviewed article that is based on research conducted at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Please check here for the recipient list.

Graduate Student Service and Leadership Award

This award is given annually to a graduate student who demonstrated a high level of service towards the department and is a leader within the graduate student community.

Other Awards

Please see additional awards through