UTM Meteorological Station

UTM Meteorological Station
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The University of Toronto Mississauga Meteorological Station (UTMMS) is an on-campus weather station operated by the Department of Geography, Geomatics and Environment for more than 30 years. The station houses a suite of sensors that record local meteorological and environmental data, and a full list of data is available here. The UTMMS was originally set up in response to the needs of geography undergraduates looking for weather data to analyze for course assignments. We have since made a number of upgrades to the weather station in order to make this data more accessible and open for use across campus and beyond. The station has been managed by Ken Turner since 1975 and is now overseen by the Geography Lab Technician.

Location and Uses

UTM Meteorological station site
UTM Meteorological station site

UTMMS is located in the field originally described in the records of the UTM property as a walnut orchard. Though a few of the walnut trees are still standing, the site is now mainly a quiet meadow surrounded by mature pine and oak trees. As in the past, the data collected and made available through the UTMMS website has been used this year by various courses in Geography, Biology and Forensics at UTM, as well as by the newly created Centre for Emerging Energy Technologies. In addition, we have welcomed classes from local schools who wish to see an operating weather station first hand. Also, we have fielded requests and enquiries through our website from as far away as Australia.

Additional campus monitoring sites

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Monitoring station sites
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Forest station
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