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Geography offers exciting careers through a challenging curiculum.

Geography (Arts)

The Geography BA programs (Specialist, Major and Minor) bring together many subjects of interest, ranging from community health issues, urban form and globalization to electoral politics, transportation and economic development. The program emphasizes the development of quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, including cartography, analysis of spatial data, social theory and archival work, which it supplements with fieldwork and collaborative research opportunities. Through their training, geography BA students will become highly skilled and flexible problem solvers, preparing them for some of today's most dynamic areas of the job market. Check here for a detailed description of the available programs.

Geography (Sciences)

The Geography BSc programs (SpecialistMajor and Minor) offer a broad perspective on physical geography. In-depth studies include climatology, hydrology and ecosystems, with possible specialization in biogeochemistry, glaciology, landscape ecology, natural resources and urban climate. Check here for a detailed description of the available programs.

Geographical Information Systems (Sciences)

The GIS BSc (Major and Minor) offers an analytical perspective on geographical information. In-depth studies, beyond basic geography, include mapping, spatial analysis and digital databases, with specializations in modelling, statistical analysis and remote sensing. A detailed description of the program is available here.

Environmental Science (Sciences)

The Environmental Science programs (Specialist, Major, Minor and Combined MScSM) offer an opportunity to study the interdisciplinary sciences that are required to understand complex environmental problems involving the natural world and human impacts. After completing the foundational science course ENV100Y5  The Environment, students who enroll in the program can tailor the scientific focus of the program to their own interests, by choosing courses from Geographical and Earth Science Perspectives, Biological/Ecological Perspectives and Physical/Chemical Perspectives.  A detailed description of the program is available here.

Environmental Management (Arts)

The Environmental Management programs (SpecialistMajorMinorSustainability Minor,  Environmental Law and Policy Minor and Combined MScSM) focus on environment, society, and public policy. The cornerstone second-year course, ENV201H5 Environmental and Resource Management, provides students with an introduction to the political and socioeconomic framework of environmental management. Students then have the opportunity to develop specialized skills in resource management, environmental assessment and the social, economic and policy aspects of environmental change.  A detailed description of the program is available here.

Environmental Geosciences (Sciences)

Completion of the Environmental Science program (Minor) is intended to fulfill the knowledge requirements for certification as a Professional Geoscientist (P. Geo.) in conformity with the stipulations of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO) and the Canadian Council of Professional Geoscientists (CCPG).  A detailed description of the program is available here.

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