GGR389 Field Studies in Human Geography

Course Description

This course will provide students with first-hand exposure to the social, urban, historical and cultural geography of a North American city. During a five-to-seven day stay in a city, students will apply basic field methods, such as observation and field note-taking, to gain an in-depth understanding of the landscape and build environment. Students will participate in collecting primary observational data as well as gathering information gleaned from guided tours, lectures and group discussion.

Admission to the course will be through application due by end of March. The student's application must be submitted to Academic Counselor and must include a current transcript, a current curriculum vita and a letter of application explaining why their qualifications and interest make them suitable candidates for this field course opportunity. Applicants who meet the minimum criteria will be selected for an interview. Acceptance will be based on a combination of GPA, experience, qualifications and interview performance. There is a nonrefundable fee associated with this course beyond tuition, for which the accepted students are responsible.  The application detail can be found here.

This course fulfills six field days.

Distribution Requirement: Social Science

Exclusion: GGR382H1

Prerequisite: 8.0 credits including GGR111H5 and GGR207H5 and GGR210H5 and GGR277H5