GGR379H5 Field Methods in Physical Geography

Course Desciption

Course Description

This course is structured around one major field trip that will occur before fall-term courses begin, preparatory work, and approximately bi-weekly course meetings during the regular academic term to complete complementary work in computer and/or wet laboratories. Field projects will involve analyses and mapping of vegetation, soils, aquatic systems, hydrology, and/or geomorphology and subsequent data analysis. Students will be required to write one major research paper and present projects to the class. Students must register on ACORN and then complete the GGR379 Application Form (see link below). The application will be reviewed by the instructor prior to final confirmation of student enrolment. This course fulfills seven field days.

Application details can be found here.

Distribution Requirement: Science

Prerequisite: 1.0 credits from: ( GGR201H5 or GGR214H5 or GGR217H5 or GGR227H5) and 1.0 credits from any other GGR/ENV SCi course(s) and 2.0 credits from any science courses and permission of instructor

Core Skills Developed

  • field-based experiential learning in a natural forested ecosystem in Ontario
  • gain experience developing a primary research project from start (proposal) to finish (research outputs)
  • field-based research methods, data collection, data analysis and visualization, numeracy, and science literacy and communication
  • communicating research results in a scholarly term paper format
  • participation in the peer-review process