Lauren Ead

Lauren Ead

MSc Student Dr. Matthew Adams, supervisor

Research and Professional Interests

Currently, no standardized method exists for identifying microplastics in the fine particulate region (<2.5um), which hinders our understanding of human exposure and risk. My current research seeks to explore candidate methods to quantify and characterize fine particulate microplastics (MP-PM2.5) while limiting the need for reliance on visual detection and time-intensive sample preparation. Through this work, I hope to identify a methodological avenue to characterize indoor MP-PM2.5 sources, emissions, and exposure risks to further our understanding of microplastics as an atmospheric contaminant. I am also interested examining the role of artificial light and incoming sunlight on indoor air chemistry and composition.

Outside of the laboratory, I engage in sustainability and equity-related advocacy work. I am interested in exploring the intersectionality of environmentalism by examining how it relates to social justice and equity-oriented issues through student outreach and education. 

Honours and Awards

  • 2021 – Best Thesis Award, University of Toronto Mississauga, Geography Department
  • 2021 – Student Leadership Award in Sustainability, University of Toronto Mississauga
  • 2021 – Undergraduate Research Award, the University of Toronto’s Centre for Urban Environments
  • 2021 – Adams Sustainability Grant, the University of Toronto’s Committee on the Environment Climate Change and Sustainability
  • 2020 – Amrita Daniere Undergraduate Research Grant in Sustainability, the University of Toronto Mississauga
  • 2018 – Youth Environmental Award (Undergraduate), Partners in Project Green


  1. Rochman, C. M., Brookson, C., Bikker, J., Djuric, N., Earn, A., Bucci, K., Athey, S., Huntington, A., McIlwraith, H., Munno, K., De., Frond, A., Erdles, L., Grbic, J., Bayoumi, M., Borrelle, S., Wu, T., Santoro, S., Werbowski, L., Zhu, X., Giles, R., Hamilton, B., Thaysen, C., Kaura, A., Klasios, N., Ead, L., Kim, J., Sherlock, C., Ho, A., & Hung, C. (2019). Rethinking microplastics as a diverse contaminant suite. Environmental toxicology and chemistry, 38(4), 703-711. 


Research Supervisor/mentor: 
Dr. Matthew Adams


MSc Student - University of Toronto
HBSc – University of Toronto Mississauga