Rhonda Solomon

Rhonda Solomon

PhD Student Dr. Ron Buliung, supervisor

Research and Professional Interests

My research will consider accessibility of public toilet spaces in North America through a critical disability studies lens. I will explore how (lack of) provision of public washrooms designed to accommodate the specific toileting needs of people with severe and/or prolonged disabilities intersects with planning practice re inclusive/universal design in the built environment and governmental legislation. The purpose of my research is to counter the critical lack of planning and policy-making with regards to public toilet provision in North American cities, particularly for people with disabilities.


  • A Comparative Policy Analysis of Public Toilet Provision Initiatives in North American Cities: ┬áRecommendations for the Creation of a Public Toilet Strategy in Toronto, June 2013; 53pp.; ISSN 0316-0068; ISBN-13 978-0-7727-1484-8
  • Recommendations for the Creation of a Public Toilet Strategy in Toronto, Talking About Cities: An Undergraduate Conference, Toronto, Ontario


Research Supervisor/mentor: 
Dr. Ron Buliung


PhD Student in Urban Planning - University of Toronto
MSc Urban Planning, London School of Economics
BA Urban Studies, University of Toronto