Dr. Kathi Wilson

Kathi Wilson

Professor, Vice-Dean, Faculty
Geography, Geomatics and Environment

My Research Interests

My research focuses on the role of urban environments (social, built, physical) in shaping social determinants of health and health outcomes among immigrant and Indigenous populations. I have extensive experience in quantitative and qualitative research methods. Over the past two decades, I have built strong relationships with community partners in the Region of Peel that has facilitated novel community-based research examining health inequities among recent and long-term immigrants.

I participate in the following research clusters:

Urbanization, Transportation & Health

Graduate Student Recruitment

I am looking for MA and Ph.D. students interested in issues related to immigration and settlement, access to health care services, Indigenous health and wellbeing, and older persons health. Visit my website  for more information on previous and on-going research projects.

Selected Publications

S. Nelson and K. Wilson. 2021. Rights and health versus rights to health: Bringing Indigenous Peoples’ legal rights into spaces of health care services. Political Geography 85: (Y)

K.B. Newbold and K. Wilson (Eds). 2019. A Research Agenda for Migration and Health Edward Elgar Publishers.

Patel, A., Dean., J., Edge, S., Wilson, K. & E. Ghassemi. 2019. Double Burden of Rural Migration in Canada? Considering the Social Determinants of Health Related to Immigrant Settlement Outside the Cosmopolis. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health; 16(5); 678-698.

PhD, Queen's University