Dr. Andrea Olive

Andrea Olive

Geography, Geomatics and Environment & Political Science


  • Mississauga (UTM)


Political Science

Fields of Study

  • Environment & Climate
  • Rural

Areas of Interest

Conservation policy, environmental policy, Canada-US transboundary environmental governance, biodiversity loss, species at risk.

My Research Interests

Andrea Olive is a Professor in the Department of Political Science and the Department of Geography, Geomatics and Environment at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Her primary research and teaching interest is in environmental policy, especially wildlife conservation in Canada and the US. She is the author of two books: Land, Legitimacy, and Stewardship as well as Canadian Environment in Political Context. She currently holds a SSHRC Insight Development Grant entitled "Bison as Reconciliation on the Great Plains." Together with her graduate lab, (Wildlife, Land, and Sustainability Lab), she is investigating the obstacles to - and opportunities for - rewilding bison across the grasslands ecosystem.

I participate in the following research clusters:

Human-Environment Interactions

Graduate Student Recruitment

Prof. Olive recruits students interested in conservation policy in Canada and the US.

Selected Publications

Ray, Justina, Jaime Grimm, and Andrea Olive. 2021. “The Biodiversity Crisis in Canada. Failure and Challenges of Federal and Sub-national Strategic and Legal Frameworks.” FACETS 6(1): 1044-1068.

Mcfarlane, Daniel and Andrea Olive. 2021. "Whither Wintego: Environmental Impact Assessment and Indigenous Opposition in Saskatchewan’s Churchill River Hydropower Project in the 1970.” Canadian Historical Review.

Boyd, Brendan and Andrea Olive (co-editors). 2021. Provincial Policy Laboratories: Policy Transfer and Diffusion in Canada’s Federal System. Toronto, Ontario: University of Toronto Press.

Brooks, Stephen and Andrea Olive (co-editors). 2018. Transboundary Environmental Governance Across the World’s Longest Border. Michigan State University Press.

Administrative Service

Chair, Department of Political Science, UTM (2019 - present)

Ph.D. Purdue University