Elysia Fuller-Thomson

Elysia Fuller-Thomson

MSc Student
Dr. Matthew Adams

Research and Professional Interests

I seek to understand how pollutants and contaminants move and settle through the local environment as well as which population groups they most affect. I am studying the local variation of common air pollutants (nitrogen oxides, ozone, sulphur dioxide, and benzene) in a city of diverse pollutant sources, Hamilton, ON. In collaboration with the City of Hamilton and Environment Hamilton, we are working to use field sampling, laboratory analysis, and land use regression modelling in order to gather ward-level and subpopulation specific observations to better understand which regions and what socioeconomic categories are most impacted by local air pollution exposure. Our progress and results will be shared both to the local city community through community engagement sessions as well as to the broader scientific community.

My long-term career goal is to work with industries or governments to solve environmental contamination or pollution issues. My masters’ research has had the privilege of including many analytical techniques that can be applied to help work towards solutions to a host of environmental issues.

MSc Student – University of Toronto
BSc (Hons) Integrated Science [Earth and Environmental Sciences] – McMaster University


Research Supervisor / Mentor
Dr. Matthew Adams