Hegan Holland

Noah Bacal

MSc Student Dr. Laura Brown, supervisor

Research & Professional Interests

My research interests include looking at how snow cover impacts seasonal lake ice thickness in southern Ontario and Manitoba. By combining data from in-situ measurements with that of an airborne SAR sensor, I hope to develop a relationship between lake ice thickness and radar backscatter that may be used for larger-scale observations of temperate region lake ice. On the non-academic side, I work as a canoe trip guide & lifeguard in the summertime and enjoy swimming, hiking and rock climbing.

Why Geography, Geomatics and Environment at UTM?

After taking an undergrad course on the cryosphere, I applied for a field research assistant position under Dr. Brown and got to know other graduate students of hers. As my interest in the field grew with experience, I decided to apply to the Master's program with this same research group I had come to know over the years. UTM also offers an excellent funding opportunity for their geography programs, and the campus is the quietest & most beautiful one I have ever been to. Shhh, don't tell St. George folks.


Research Supervisor/mentor: 
Dr. Laura Brown


MSc Student, Physical Geography - University of Toronto
H.BSc Environmental Science - University of Toronto Mississauga