Perception, Cognition, and Language

image of brains

Members of the Perception, Cognition, and Language cluster study a range of perceptual, cognitive and communicative mechanisms across the human lifespan. Specific research topics include vision, audition, speech and language, music, memory, and reading. 

Faculty Members

Chambers, Craig
cognitive science; psycholinguistics; spoken language comprehension; language processing across the lifespan

Fukuda, Keisuke
vision, working memory, cognitive neuroscience, EEG 

Johnson, Elizabeth
infant studies; language acquisition; speech perception; developmental psycholinguistics; early word recognition and comprehension

Pichora-Fuller, M. Kathleen
cognitive hearing science; human communication; hearing; speech; communication disorders and rehabilitation; adult aging

Ronfard, Samuel
developmental psychology; cognitive development; conceptual development; social learning; culture and cognition

Schellenberg, Glenn
music and cognition; music and emotion; music and development; intelligence; developmental/cognitive psychology

Schneider, Bruce
hearing; vision; sensory and cognitive aging; speech perception; signal processing in audition and vision

Daneman, Meredyth

Affiliated Researchers

Schertz, Jessamyn (Department of Language Studies)
speech perception and production