Independent Research Projects for Credit

Course Description

An Individual Project is an intensive laboratory or applied research project for students who seek training and/or exposure complementary to that provided for by our regular course offerings.  It is a student's responsibility to obtain prior consent of a supervisor from the Department of Psychology who will closely observe and then evaluate the project.

A project proposal might be requested by your proposed supervisor.  The proposal should include a description of the method of evaluation of the work.  Check with your supervisor if this is required.

The form must be signed by your supervisor and submitted for approval to the Academic Counsellor of Undergraduate Studies.  Once approved, the project will be entered by the department onto ROSI/ACORN.

Prerequisites: PSY201H5/equivalent, 1.0 FCE in PSY at the 300 level, GPA of 3.0

Please complete and submit an enrolment form to the Psychology Undergraduate Program Advisors at no later than the first week of September if you are starting in the Fall, or the first week in January if you are starting in the Winter.  If you are doing a summer project, please have your form completed and submitted by end of April.

Independent Project Enrolment Form