Other Campus Courses

Taking Psychology Courses at St. George and Scarborough

You may take Psychology courses on the St. George or Scarborough Campus if equivalent courses are not available at UofT Mississauga. Students should be aware of the applicable restrictions:

The number of courses you can take on other campuses is restricted by the number of credits completed at UofT Mississauga, the availability of comparable courses at UofT Mississauga, and timetable conflicts. Consult the UofT Mississauga Calendar or the Registrar's Office for further details.

You must obtain permission from the Psychology Department on the St. George/Scarborough Campus and follow their enrolment procedures, which differ from those at UofT Mississauga.

Many St. George Psychology courses are similar to UofT Mississauga Psychology courses despite different titles and numbers. The completion of a similar course on both campuses may result in the loss of academic credit for the repeated course.

For further information you may contact the Associate Chair-Teaching.